Character Categories

Den Item (I)

Den items can cosmetically decorate a den, but they also unlock art prompts for the inhabitants. If you're not a fan of hunting or adventuring, why not have your characters stay home and cook using their Oven, or write an amazing adventure in their Diary? You must have the furniture installed in/applied to your Rider's den in order to use it. You can get furniture by crafting, trading, or buying from the Silvence store. Characters depicted in these prompts must include at least one of the Den’s occupants (Dragon or Rider). 

If you choose to illustrate them, you may choose a different appearance. In example, you can write a Calendar as a Sun Dial instead. They simply have to match the item in use in form or theme!If you choose an unconventional appearance for your item, then it must have its image updated so mods know at a glance if the item has appeared in the prompt and if it was used properly.

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