Dart Frog

Category: Display

Dart Frog consists of two parts. The first is a series of heavy black splotching on the top of your dragon that becomes concentrated smaller spots as it reaches the belly and extremities. You can also use the black part of a living dart frog species’s markings, as long as there is at least some black on top and at least some of the base visible at the bottom. The second is a neon or highly saturated color that becomes the base color of your dragon. Here is an example of black spots for your dragon:

You may choose not to depict one of the layers. If you do not use the black spots, you erase holes in the ‘base’ that show the regular base color. If you do not use the base, you apply the black spots as usual.

Texture Rules

Dart Frog will always be have solid and smooth edges. If both the spots and the base are showing, there will be no ’empty’ space between the two layers. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Various Types of Dart Frog Patterns

Color Rules

If depicted, the spots will always be black. If depicted, the base will always be a neon or highly saturated, bright color.

Effect on Modifiers & Physical Traits

It may affect modifiers, skin, nails, ears, and similar things where it touches.

Charged Dart Frog

Charged Dart Frog may have an inverted color scheme. This means that the spots may be brightly colored and the base may be black.


Poison Dart Frog

Category: Familiars

Effect: Once bonded, 10% chance of increasing an Alchemist craft yield. Look at the Alchemist page for more information.

Some poison dart frogs secrete poison from their skin. Cuddle with care.

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