Fingered Limbs (Basic)

Category: Physical

Legs should follow the body shape rules–the center of mass should be further forward for quadrupedal dragons and further back for bipedal dragons. The scales of all dragons may switch to smooth scales at some point between the shoulder and claws; if they do, it will match the color of anywhere else on the dragon with smooth scales. This smooth-scaled area may have a different color than the normal base, as long as it’s within elemental rules. If a dragon is already smooth-scaled, then it will all be one solid color.

Legs with fingered feet that resemble that of lemurs, monkeys, shrews, rabbits, bats, rodents, canines, or any members of Euarchontoglires. You may include digging claws and paw pads. They must always have some sort of opposing thumb on the front limbs–this can appear in the shape of a dewclaw if needed. They will have four or five toes per foot. The front limbs should be able to grasp.

How do I make wolf feet/cat feet/[insert animal here]?
There are three ways to give your dragon paws. The first is to have mythic limbs, which allows lots of legs, different legs, and almost limitless possibilities for your limbs. The second method, and by far the easiest, is to have a dragon with fingered limbs. Lastly, there is the brawn trait. This rare Earth trait can give your dragon the feet of any land-based animal you can think of.

Can I make mis-matched legs?
If your feet are within the same type of leg (such as a sea turtle and a bird both being reptilian), then you may mix them without any extra stuff. Mythic limbs allow mis-matched legs. Brawn allows you to mix in pairs–which means the front can be bird-like, and the back can be paws–similar to a gryphon!

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