Leather Wings (Basic)

Category: Physical

Default to: Fire, Storm, Dark

Wings resembling a bat or pterodactyl. Leather wings do not create webbing between the tail and legs. You may choose to make the entire wings fingered or just add one finger. The ‘arm’ part and top finger are mandatory. If you don't want to draw them distinctly, you can make the shape apparent with shading or minimal line art. The leather must have at least 90% opacity. The leather must attach to the body.

The examples below are not accepted as leather wings without the corresponding traits. The first and second are missing supports, which can only be done with the boneless trait. The third has long extensions rather than a bat-like or pterodactyl-like structure. The last example shows a ‘tail’ of leather not attached to the body. Any leather on the bottom edge must attach to the body.


  • Scalestain - You may use Scalestain to add extensions or unnatural shape to the wings, as long as it's within the item's usual range.
  • Skittertint - You may add an extra color to the gradient of the wings. You may use multiple Skittertints for multiple extra colors.
  • Loremark - You may use Loremark as usual on the wings.
  • Tattered - You may use Tattered to create random holes and chips in the wings. Most of the damage will be on the edge of the wing.
  • Surgical Kit - You may use Surgical Kit to hide the trait. You may also remove all or significant parts of the leather.
  • Transparent Skin - Transparent Skin may affect the finger and arm part of the wing, but not the leather.
  • Pollen - Pollen affects wings normally, hiding any marking that would be in the area.

Unless the dragon has Mythic Wings, Mythic Body, or the Multi-winged mutation, wings will always attach on the back of the dragon, somewhere between the neck and tail and above the legs.


How do I make this type of wing?

You would use Extensions or Surgical Kit. A random/rough looking version may be achieved with Tattered. Please note that dragons should not imitate Closed or Copyrighted species. If the rest of the dragon looks too much like a Leonopteryx or similar species, it will be denied.

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