Monstrous Snout

Category: Physical

Default to: Dark

Monstrous Snout is a type of deteriorating face common to Dark dragons and--should they lack prosthetics--Thunder dragons. It can be as minimal as two large, malformed teeth (fangs!) or as extreme as odd mouth shapes and melting scales. Simple plating on the top or bottom of the dragon's snout also works.

You can use just about any shape, with one caveat–it must also be deteriorating in some way. This can be bones or flesh showing, unnatural mouth shapes, a mask of bone, more or less eyes than the normal two, or even turning into mist or goop. For minimal expression, a pair of fangs is enough (as seen on the second example above). Ears may be as large as a lion’s, in any shape (avoid stylizing this to be larger!). This snout may have small fangs, tusks, and bony material without the corresponding mutation. It may have between 0-4 eyes placed anywhere on the snout. When eyes are missing, you may choose whether or not there are sockets left behind. If the mouth is hard to see, then a reference must be provided in the Design Notes of your design submission.


When using stylized mouth shapes, the abnormal teeth should be apparent. The first example has consistent teeth shapes, while the latter two have noticeable fangs.

The dragon will never be actively bleeding, even if there is missing skin or scarring.

Can monstrous snout have cat ears?
Domestic cat ears are very large, so they are not allowed. The largest ears allowed are lion-like ears. Apophis is a good example of the largest ears allowed. Other types of ears are allowed as long as they are within the size range, resemble ears, and appear on the sides of the head as one or a symmetrical two ears.


Monstrous effects such as bones, misplaced eyes, misplaced mouthparts, and so on may extend to the neck. It will not go further than the shoulders and/or collarbone.

Color Rules

  • Bones and spines follow regular Bone Color rules.
  • Flesh may be any color, though it must be consistent with any other visible flesh.
  • Melting areas will always match the color of the melting area. It may have minimal sheen and transparency in areas it has dripped off of the body--these effects must very subtle!
  • Only skin, spines, plates, and ear tips may have accents. Flesh and regular bone will not have accents.
  • Traits similar to Monstrous effects may stack. In example, a dragon with a Fanged trait does not need to do anything extra for the snout to count as Monstrous. The same applies to Plating, Aegis, Transparent Skin, True Sight (other than color-changing), and other effects that resemble monstrous effects--as long as they appear somewhere on the snout.
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