Naki Alliance (Basic)

Category: Affiliation
Species: Rider

The Naki Alliance is primarily focused on maintaining peace. They consider themselves allies to both Eredia and Shérok, but they do not actively work against the Abrendese Militia. Instead, they focus on liberating slaves, preventing future raids, gathering information, welcoming new inhabitants from the Chronoscape, and supporting those in need. They are widely respected among the all peoples due to their charity and effort to perform ethically. They believe that cooperating with the Abrendese to change their policies is superior to attacking them and attempting to claim power again.

Unlike other affiliations, memberships are implied when someone takes up the Naki title. Wanderers are very trusting of Naki, who are expected to refer those in need to practicing members of the Naki Alliance. The main organization will commission their own people for materials or services to strengthen this bond, so long as such workers are available. If a Naki is found to mislead escaped slaves or visitors of the Chronoscape, they are stripped of their title by the family and the information is passed on to the Shéar Rebellion. While the Shéar are more focused on liberation of the kingdoms rather than its inhabitants, they consider acting against the Alliance to be acting against them and will handle it accordingly.

Dragon Riders are surprisingly scarce in the group, with much of the central organization going without. Riders are therefore highly treasured and given special tasks that can’t be done through communication. The Riders use the gathered information to infiltrate Abrendese strongholds and free slaves. The information is mainly gathered through electronic intelligence gathering (hacking, of course), and they work to exchange information between all others groups to prevent bloodshed. This includes Abrendese nobles who disagree with the policy of slaves, even if they are content with the rest of the political situation.

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