Welcome to Chronocompass, a group where you can travel across all dimensions with the help of your unique elemental dragons! Venture out into the multiverse with an Independent dragon or create a Rider to collect a whole flock of dragons. Forge friendships, raise your dragons, become a legendary Rider, breed even more dragons, learn to craft, collect dozens of Familiars, and more! Whether you enjoy magical battles or relaxing inside the comfort of a Den, this group has a home for you. GROUP RATING: PG13+

Festivals of Time

Festival of the Night

This year features tons of new themes and the biggest potential SC prize of any year. Celebrate the season of giving and net yourself some Silver Tickets on the way.

Festival Secret Santa

This season there are two Secret Santas to enter. Make sure to enter the last one before February 3rd! Dragons make the best presents.

Festival Advent

Once per 24 hours, make a claim to receive a special prize! No art or items required--just a Chronocompass account! There are 31 prizes to grab this festival season.


...and many more adventures to come!