Welcome to Chronocompass, a group where you can travel across all dimensions with the help of your unique elemental dragons! Venture out into the multiverse with an Independent dragon or create a Rider to collect a whole flock of dragons. Forge friendships, raise your dragons, become a legendary Rider, breed even more dragons, learn to craft, collect dozens of Familiars, and more! Whether you enjoy magical battles or relaxing inside the comfort of a Den, this group has a home for you. GROUP RATING: PG13+

Jamboree Letter Bees

Create a special love letter to your favorite Emissary. Will they accept your dragon's feelings? Your prize depends on how well your dragon courts them.

Reverie Jamboree

The main festival! For this special Jamboree, you can use your Riders without their dragons beside them, as long as it meets one of these lovely prompts and follows regular activity rules.