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This page is for old players that joined prior to the making of Chronocompass.com , as well as new players who would love to pick up their first egg!

Do I NEED to join the site to gain access to my old dragons and transfer my genos?

Yes, you need to join. Any transferred genos on deviantART link to their new pages, so there should be no confusion on this! There is also a handy dandy document that shows what you have and where it is, all in one collective spreadsheet!

I just joined the site! What do I do?

Comment here to have your inventory, dragons, and genos transferred to you, along with any slots/non bankable proofs linked to you.  You can see everything you own from the old site by clicking here and navigating to your tab. Make sure your account is verified, or we won't be able to transfer your things to you. Players with over 100 genos are placed in a low-priority queue (they are worked on after the other queue is done!). Whether you are a new or old player, you will also receive one legendary egg! Please fill out this form:

Old Username: (make sure you are verified)
Legendary Egg Element One:
Legendary Egg Element Two:

What do I do once I have my things?
  1. Verify that all the information is correct on your characters and that you still have all your items/genos. Everything has been triple-checked, but there's always a chance mistakes slip through. Comment here if you find any mistakes NOT mentioned on the 'changes' section of your spreadsheet.
  2. Make sure to update your gift art rules, as everything was turned OFF so people could input any rules they want first. Please prioritize this, as the next event involves gift art and I really hope no one misses out!
  3. Feel free to edit the name and profile of ANY of your characters. You can even link to a character profile (such as a toyhou.se profile) that displays on their profile page.
  4. You may edit the designs of your dragons freely--no need for an import change! This is mainly to test the design system. There will be a 1 month advance notice before designs return to needing an import change.
My dragons are marked as 'non-sellable, non-transferrable, worth $0.' Help!

Don't worry, you can still sell and trade your dragons as before! Any character you own can be traded and sold for any amount (show this info to people if you'd like to reassure them!). Players ALWAYS determine the value of their own characters. However, due to the way attaching to Riders works, the system cannot handle automatic transfers for uploaded characters. They need to be manually detached to prevent errors. Because of this, they are automatically locked in the system. This is the same reason they don't automatically snap to deviantART accounts when accounts are verified/hooked up. If you would like to transfer/sell/trade dragons, you may do so by commenting at this link!



OnionGirlFinalist Avatar

Old Username: OnionGirlFinalist
Legendary Egg Element One: Light
Legendary Egg Element Two: Dark

2022-12-02 19:33:47

ccbestiary Avatar
ccbestiary Staff Member

Your dragons have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/OnionGirlFinalist/sublist/dragons
Your Riders have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/OnionGirlFinalist/sublist/riders
Your genos have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/OnionGirlFinalist/myos
Your inventory has been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/OnionGirlFinalist/inventory
Your SC has been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/OnionGirlFinalist/bank

There also seems to be something new and amazing in your pile of old eggs!

Sex: Male 
Element: Light/Dark
Physical Traits: Monstrous Snout, No Crest, Monstrous Body, Smooth Scales, Wingless, Ungulate Limbs, Whip Tail
Display Traits: Ripple, Nebula, Stitched, Zebra, Faded, Dust, Suntouched
Modifier Traits: Celestial, Radiance, Glitch, Companion, Star Pearl, Gilded, Wither, Heraldry
Mutations: N/A
Recessive Genes: N/A

Parent 1 | ED-745: Falada
G3 | ED-788: Kolie

2022-12-09 05:42:40

ArowanaDealer Avatar

Old Username: ArowanaDealer
Legendary Egg Element One: Dark
Legendary Egg Element Two: Lightning

2022-10-11 14:48:45

ccbestiary Avatar
ccbestiary Staff Member

The egg shudders and shakes. What sort of creature is this?!

Sex: Female 
Element: Dark/Thunder
Physical Traits: Monstrous Snout, Artificial Crest, Wyrm Body, Artificial Scales, Artificial Wings, Artificial Limbs, Whip Tail
Display Traits: Vampire, Leafy, Glass, Stitched, Sparks, Wisp, Stamp, Charged Cap
Modifier Traits: Debris, Glitch, Companion, Coils, Transparent Skin, Display, Tattered
Mutations: N/A
Recessive Genes: N/A

Welcome to the group <3 !

2022-10-16 21:17:03

empiredog Avatar

Old Username: empiredog
Legendary Egg Element One: Storm
Legendary Egg Element Two: Wind

2022-06-06 21:56:02

ccbestiary Avatar
ccbestiary Staff Member

Your dragon has been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/empiredog/sublist/dragons
Your rider has been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/empiredog/sublist/riders
Your genos have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/empiredog/myos
Your inventory has been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/empiredog/inventory
Your SC has been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/empiredog/bank

One of your eggs is making loud noises from inside the shell. Was this always here...?
Please take care of this dazzling bean~

2022-06-09 12:24:11

foxdog2 Avatar

Old Username: foxdog2
Legendary Egg Element One: Light
Legendary Egg Element Two: Metal

2022-05-30 19:56:16

ccbestiary Avatar
ccbestiary Staff Member

Your dragons have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/foxdog2/sublist/dragons
Your riders have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/foxdog2/sublist/riders
Your genos have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/foxdog2/myos
Your slots have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/comment/10033
Your inventory has been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/foxdog2/inventory
Your currencies have been transferred: https://www.chronocompass.com/user/foxdog2/bank

Something new and shiny ended up in the pile somehow!
Please take care of this dazzling bean~

2022-06-01 02:32:22

Kid31 Avatar

Old Username: Kid31
Legendary Egg Element One: Storm
Legendary Egg Element Two: Wind

2022-04-11 14:17:07

ccbestiary Avatar
ccbestiary Staff Member

It sounds like something wild is inside this egg...a hurricane, maybe? It cracks open to reveal...!
Please take care of this glimmering bean~

Welcome to Chronocompass! Feel free to check out our Discord (linked above) if you have any questions or want design help. You can also just reply here. Have fun on your adventures~

2022-04-12 06:48:02

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