Familiars are a type of helper for your Riders and dragons. In order to use a Familiar, you will need a Den to care for them. As people with magical capabilities, Riders can do more than tame a dragon. They can also tame familiars! These mini-bonds with creatures of the wild may not provide them with a talking companion, but they do allow a Rider and their dragon to take advantage of their surroundings. Each familiar has their own effect. Below, you can find a list of searchable Familiars, along with how to obtain them.

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Riders can increase their Familiar cap by taking up the Rancher job or Crafting accommodations for their new pets. You may only have one Familiar of a species on a Rider at a time (you can’t have multiple Sea Otters on one Rider, for example). Familiar bonuses only apply to characters that qualify for prompts. Dragons with the active Independent trait may do a Rite of Summoning to gain a Familiar (their Familiar maximum is one, not counting any that were soulbound before hatching). The Independent trait cannot be recessive.

Familiars marked as Rare or Soulbound may be pictured on their owner's Import Image.

Finding Familiars


In order to use the benefit of a Familiar, an art piece must meet activity requirements. To use search tools, it must also be Personal Art.

Additionally, the character must qualify for a normal roll (be one of the four dragons included in a prompt, or reserving 300 words for a roll). A character cannot search for Familiars while wounded.

Each Familiar has specific conditions that help them appear or work. When turning in a piece that qualifies, specify the Familiar you want and you will acquire Search Tools. Regular submissions have a base of x1 Search Tools. A storyteller bonus, a Rancher bonus, or a Pulled Pork Potato supplement can increase the amount of search tools given to a maximum of x3. You can find Familiars in every activity of Chronocompass, so have fun exploring! 

Here is a list of hidden familiars and the requirements for their search tools:

Name Method
Arctic Fox Hunting Small Prey in Snow
Badger In Temperate Biome with Mushrooms
Beaver Carpenter in Piece with Beaver Lodge
Blue Sea Dragon Salvaging near Jellyfish
Chickadee Gathering Prompt near Berries
Common Dolphin Collaboration with Ocean
Cormorant Salvaging near Boats
Cuckoo Breeder in Piece with Bird Nest
Cuttlefish Adventurer in Piece with Cephalopod(s)
Eagle Dragon Depicted Alone
Ermine Dragon Depicted in Snowy Field
Falcon Caving in a Ravine or Canyon
Feisty Fish Trainer in Piece with School of Fish
Fruit Bat Caving near Fruit
Gem Tarantula Caving Near Cluster/Vein of Gems
Horseshoe Crab At Sea (No Land/Shore)
Khameleonian Rites of Renewal, Grand Display, and Courtships
Lemur Gathering Prompt Under the Moon
Leopard Seal Hunting Near Penguins
Lovebird During Flowerbed Den Prompt
Maneki-neko Crowded Settlement
Mothbun Venturing Level 0 Dragon with no Familiar or Rider Help
Narwhal Near Frozen Body of Water
Pangolin Blacksmith in Piece with Hollow Trees or Ground Tunnels
Party Parrot Any Event Piece
Peacock Tailor in Piece with Lavish Treasure
Peacock Spider Pair Bonded Dragons in Same Piece
Pig Gathering Prompt Near Vegetables
Piggybank Exchange of Silvence (pictured or mentioned directly)
Pink Fairy Armadillo No Activity Assigned and No Familiars Used
Platypus Second Bonded Riders in Same Piece
Poison Dart Frog Alchemist in Piece with Tropical Rainforest
Rabbit Breeder Near Field of Flowers
Raven Crafter Near Wolves
Red Panda Adventurer in Piece with Bamboo
Robin Shown with a Dragon Owned by a Player Other than the Artist
Rockhopper Penguin Near a Rocky Ocean Shore
Salamander In a Cave with Water
Sea Otter Salvaging Near Clams
Snow Macaque Snowy Hot Spring Area
Snowy Owl Hunting Near Mice
Tame Rat Interior Den Prompts
Wild Dog Hunting in Savannah


Caring for a Familiar


Any familiars you obtain will be automatically added to your Inventory. Once you are ready to use it, create an MYO slot from the item. From there, you may apply them to any of your Riders or transfer them to other players. Submit the MYO using either your own art or the default item art. In the note area, mention who you are bonding it to. Here is a quick guide on equiping familiars and items.

There are three different rarities of Familiars. The base for most is 'Common'--this means it has the default item appearance. You can increase it to Uncommon and then Rare by 1) Giving it a custom appearance/design and 2) Having it as a focus in a prompt. For writers, you may write a description of 300 words instead of having a custom appearance. You may apply Paint to Familiars. This does not count towards any activities, prompts, or exp. Common, Uncommon, and Rare Familiars can only be removed with a Keepsake Collar or by removing them from the game.

Soulbound Rarity


Left: Regular Will-o-Wisp | Right: Pictsie the Will-O-Wisp

Occassionally a Familiar might have a Soulbound rarity. This is separate from the usual set of rarities. They either come with this effect, are located by a Quetzal during breedings, or are summoned by a dragon with an active Independent mutation. Soulbound Familiars don't count towards a Rider's usual cap, but they also don't count towards requirements like Rider Prestige or the Rancher prerequisite. Independent dragons may only soulbind one Familiar to themselves after hatching--if they were already born with a Soulbound familiar, then they may still perform the Rite of Summoning. Soulbound Familiars can't be removed unless they are removed from the game.

In the event that you would like to remove a Familiar you own from the game, comment on character transfers and it will be deleted.