Newbie Guide

Welcome to Chronocompass! This is an open-ended Art Roleplay Game where you can create and level Riders and their Elemental Dragons. If you already have characters or genos, simply sign up for the site and head over to Account Confirmation to claim them along with your old genos, items, and slots. All genos from deviantART and ccbestiary have been logged and tracked.


What is an Art Roleplay Game?

Art Roleplay Games (or ARPGs) are a type of game that lets you raise your characters using art. Art can be illustrations, writing, or even crafts! Each piece of art gives your characters a certain amount of experience. Doing certain quests allows them promotions. There are many types of ARPGs (you can see a few others in our Affiliates area on the front page). This one focuses on dragons, dragon riders, and an infinite world to explore.

What are Elemental Dragons?

These are dragons that align with one of ten elements. There are spooky Dark Dragons, giant Ocean Sea Serpents, whimsical Light Kirin, your typical Fire Dragons, and all sorts of creatures in the world. Anything can be a dragon in disguise. You can find out more dragon basics and what their elements mean by clicking here.

Left: Guiding Light by Doom | Right: The Bush by SunlitSecrets

How do I start?

There are lots of ways to start, but the best way involves all the freebies for newbies! 

  • After you make an account, comment on the Account Confirmation page. Going through hoops and loops to make an account is a hassle, so you can claim an egg as a present for going through all that.
  • Comment on the Hatch Day journal with your month of choice. You’ll receive a free dragon egg during that month that’s guaranteed to have two elements.
  • We have an adoption center called Aurelia’s Hatchery, where you can pick up an existing design, an existing egg, or have an egg generated for you. You can only adopt from here once, but you may do so at any time. It doesn’t need to be your first dragon.

What activities should I start with?

  • There are a lot of activities, but the best one for newbies is the Hatchery Quest. You don’t need an uploaded character to do it, and you receive a free egg at the end of the quest~
  • If you are used to other ARPGs, Adventures will be very familiar, and can be done by any dragon.

Where do I hatch my eggs?

If you have eggs with no genos attached, you can hatch your eggs by clicking here and commenting.

I have my first dragon! What do I do with them?

We have a guide on designing and uploading them here. You upload their Rider at the same time, following the instructions on that page.

Does my dragon need a Rider?

Almost definitely. There is a mutation that lets a dragon skip one called Independent. This mutation will not work if it’s on the Recessive line of a dragon’s egg (recessive genes do not show on a dragon, but have a small chance of passing to the offspring). You don’t need art of the Rider to start playing the game–you can just paste some gemstones on a background and roll with that.

What species can Riders be?

They can be any species, quadrupeds included. If using another ARPG species, you must have explicit permission from the owners of that group. A screenshot of the permission is required. Make sure you follow all rules of the other group when using it in this one and avoid double-dipping activities. Here is a link to world lore, if you want to check out the canon races.

Above: Any species may become a Dragon Rider.

What are the Activity Rules?

You can find all of the rules/requirements on this page.

How do I use Familiars, Equipment, or Den Items?

Here’s a handy guide for how to create them.

Something says I should make a claim. How do I make a claim?

Once logged in, you should see a Submit area on the top menu. Hit Submit, then go down to Submit Claim. Fill out any information needed, then hit submit. Sometimes very little info is needed, so don’t worry if the form looks a little empty when you hit submit. When attaching an item, make sure to double-check that there is a checkmark beside it. Here’s a video of the process.

How do I Submit Activities?

Once logged in, you should see a Submit area on the top menu. Hit Submit, then go down to Submit Prompt. Select which prompt you are doing. Link your submission URL. You may host art wherever you like, as long as it’s a website and not a plain file. DeviantART and are good sites to use. If you aren’t a member of any (or if you just want to show off your art on the site), you can upload to Chronocompass. Simply press the + button next to the gallery you are adding to. Attach one character to roll. The character(s) must belong to you for you to claim rolls. Although you can have more than one character doing activities in an image, they should be turned in one character at a time. Make sure you are following the rules/requirements for that prompt, such as using the form needed for that prompt. These can be found on the matching activity pages.

How do I Spend Silvence/[insert currency here]?

You can find all of the shops here

Where can I find my items?

When logged in, click your name on the top right, then click Inventory. If you are looking for currencies such as Silvence, then those will show up in Bank. This menu also has links to your Profile, Uploaded Characters, MYO slots (also called eggs or genos), and Awards.

How do I Change My Avatar, Profile, or Password?

Click here! To see any image changes, use CTRL + F5. A regular F5/refresh will not show changes.

Where do I find out more of the story, and do I need to use it?

This game has tons of lore, but you are not required to use it. You can create completely new stories that go against the lore. At its core, Chronocompass is about multiverses, so your stories are 100% valid lore somewhere out there in the universe. With that said, if you want to know all about the world, there are tons of resources on the World page. You can stick with it, use it as a springboard for ideas, or simply go off the rails and make your own adventure.

Where can I find a list of all the important links?

Here they are! All of them. You might want to bookmark the page, as it will be your best friend going forward.