Rules and Terms of Service

    1.       Do not use or imitate copyrighted characters (IE: Pokemon, Harry Potter, Sponge Bob, Cloud Strife, etc.). If other ARPGs allow their characters to show up in other group art, you may use them to the extent that their rules allow. Your character may be active in both groups if permitted. Other ARPGs that use copyrighted characters (such as Warrior Cats or Pokemon) may be drawn in the same images, but the copyright holders must be clearly stated at the bottom, and these characters cannot be used as official Riders/Dragons/in-game Characters.

    2.       Do not harass other players.

    3.      Do not claim to be a mod unless you are a mod. You may assist newbies when they make a clear mistake, but be sure to inform them that you are not a mod!

    4.       Do your best to keep track of your stuff. If you accidentally delete your art or personal tracker, we can’t recover it for you!

    5.       The group cannot compensate you for sales that fall through. We can, however, give strikes to any player that fails to deliver or acts in bad faith. Provide evidence for any infractions you experience.

    6.       You must be over 18 to take part in any monetary transactions or participate in mature role plays.

    7.       Real life politics and religion should not be touched or discussed in any way, shape, or form. Imaginary politics and religions are fine; Stuff resembling real politics or religions are assumed imaginary and not reflective of their real world forms. Do not use the group to solicit people concerning these issues! Treat all schools of thought with respect.

    8.       Emergency sales will not be approved unless they can be verified. To contact the mods with proof, we recommend sending a paper with a date, username, and a photo of something you consider to be proof. Only after proof is provided will we approve journals labeled as emergency journals or referring to personal illnesses to be posted to the group. You may make a personal emergency sale journal outside of the group without issue and you may sell your characters as you please; these advertisements simply won’t be added to the group.

   9.       When submitting characters and art to the group, you allow us to mirror it here. ALL art is credited with both a link to the original deviation and a link to your deviantART profile. At any point in time, you may note the group account to opt out of this feature. Your characters, Den art, Challenge entries, and any other areas that normally feature art will have no art attached to them. Information on your characters (such as genos, descendants, and Challenge entries) will still remain.

If we miss anything when removing your content, or if you see a specific piece you would not like hosted, simply let the group know.

    10a.   You cannot submit NSFW art to the deviantART group. Feel free to include it in your gallery,, tracker, or mirror account. We simply cannot distribute it to a group that may or may not include minors or people who cannot stand that particular content. You may claim EXP as long as you tag it appropriately. Tags should be visible before any of your content and the titles must be safe for work. Only mods that are comfortable reviewing work with the tags will review your level ups when applicable, which means your review may go slower than usual. You also need to send a note to the group saying you are 18 years old before these will be looked at. Mature content includes:

  • Sex
  • Fetishes
  • Excessive Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Ableism/etc. that depicts these activities in a positive or ‘natural’ light. This group is accepting of people from all walks of life and we do not tolerate this sort of behavior. You may reference it, since it is a reality, but do NOT encourage such behavior and tag it appropriately.
  • Anything dA would consider NSFW.

All NSFW works must abide by dA’s rules and use the appropriate filters as described in their rules.

10b. You cannot create dragon designs that violate the rules above. You also cannot illustrate Rider import art that violates the rules above. This is especially relevant when drawing naked Riders or adding Swastikas or similar imagery into designs. Those found to be using a more obscure symbol that the mod team and designer didn’t know about will have that character put into hibernation and the image hidden until we can communicate how best to change it. There is no penalty for unknowingly including symbols like this, but you can receive a strike if it was intentional. You are welcome to explore these areas in their non-visual aspect and regular submissions, so long as you tag appropriately, and so long as you follow the 10a rule.

    11.   Have fun. If the game’s not fun, what’s the point? If you find yourself stressed, overworked, or worried, feel free to sit back and relax. There is no activity check and you are not penalized for inactivity.

    12.   You may swear, as long as those swear words do not violate Rule 9. If they do violate it, simply tag as you would normally.

    13.   Leasing, slots, transfers, and so on must be posted in their corresponding journal by the person providing permission.

    14.   Comments on official group journals must remain on-topic.

    15.   You may only limit slots in the following ways:

  • Limit it to a split use
  • Limit reselling or trading
  • Make the owner tag you when it is used.
  • Limit it to a combo
  • Require or ban the attachment of courtship art.

Any other restrictions must have you as a participant in a split and will count as one of your splits for the month. Furthermore, you cannot write out permissions for slots unless those slots are available. In example, you cannot offer slots to something that cannot breed, and you cannot offer slots to a dragon that already has their slots used.

These rules may change at any time to accommodate unforeseen events. Simply use common sense. If something isn’t clear, comment or contact the group! If you have an issue with these rules, post your suggestions in the Question & Suggestion center.


For the sake of making this a fun and exciting place to play, we have implemented a strike system. Some strikes give you activity restrictions. After three strikes, you get banned. You will receive strikes if any of the following occurs:

  • Three players provide PROOF that you have negatively contributed to their experience. Examples include harassment, and uh…mostly just harassment. Depending on the severity of the harassment, you may just be auto-banned. Fabricated evidence will receive an auto-ban. Be kind to each other! This strike is removed after half a year passes without receiving an additional strike. Soliciting players concerning religion, politics, or sexual things is considered harassment unless the participants are well acquainted with each other (or posted expressing their interest in such topics) and over 18.
  • You revoke things that you sell, fail to deliver things that you have accepted payment for, and generally cheat others out of their hard work. This strike will be removed ONLY when you deliver what others have paid for or refund their stuff. Please note that the group is not responsible for recovering payments, and the most we can do is give strikes to people. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THIS STRIKE, YOU CANNOT SELL OR TRADE WITHIN THE GROUP. If you are found to do so, you will be banned from the group.
  • You repeatedly abuse the game by submitting the same image twice for the same roll, stealing art, using bases without permission or passing them as your own art/base, and similar such things.

How do I report a player?

Simply send a note to the group and we will handle it appropriately or inquire for further information. We will keep you in the loop as much as possible and keep all reports private.

What happens when I’m banned?

First, you are given the opportunity to sell your in-group characters (as long as you have a good standing on the seller front of things). Since this is an open species, you are free to keep them for your own art and projects, but will be unable to use them in the ARPG in any way, shape, or form. Your characters will immediately receive the special status ‘Hibernating’ in the group and no slots or activities may be granted after that point. Slots and leases granted prior to hibernation will be honored. If you purchase an import from someone else, that import will immediately be marked as Hibernating and the same rules apply.

We believe in second chances. The list of banned people is not made public, and you are invited to return after a specific amount of time has passed. That time varies depending on the severity of your strikes.

Rights & Usage

As you already know, this is an open species. You may use your characters in other groups, in novels, in comics, in animations, and even in merchandise. I only ask that you provide credit when you use elements of the story (I.E. Riders, the Elemental breeding system, the concept of Chronoscape). I understand that credit is not always possible, but when it is reasonable, you should do it. Work submitted to the group does not need credit for obvious reasons.

As stand-alone characters without a Chronoscape background attached, you can use them as you please without giving credit. Dragons aren’t copyrighted creatures and your Rider is entirely made by you!

This Rights & Usage document was last edited on 9/12/18 and may be adjusted in the future if someone figures out how to abuse them…somehow?

Selling & Trading

This has been touched on, but here is a section just for this. If you would like to sell or trade anything in the game, you are the one responsible for any consequences. If a sale falls through, the group cannot compensate you (especially if USD is involved). Repeat offenders may be banned from the group, but we can’t do much more than that. With that said, you are free to do as you please with your items and characters! Keep in mind that when you sell characters to others, you are giving them full rights to use that character…even to make cash. Buy and sell responsibly.


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