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Reverie Jamboree & Jamboree Letter Bees

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The Reverie Jamboree is back! Nevermind that the name is slightly different. As with last Reverie Jamboree, you can use your Riders without their dragons beside them, as long as it meets one of the following prompts and follows regular activity rules. Collaborations are also allowed. Each prompt gives an AR roll of your choice that drops 4 items, no matter the dragon level, job, or prestige involved. Click here to turn in your event pieces. Pieces are due the last second of May 31st.

  1. Gathering flowers, making bouquets, and witnessing the flowers of the world spring to life in the final frost is a tradition for the ages. In the south, these flowers come early, making the activity especially popular. Show your characters enjoying some blooms!
  2. Romantic dates are a huge thing. This goes without saying. Whether you want to go to a shrine together, watch a meteor shower, share some fine dining, get married in a gathering, go to a ball, wander a library, or have your fortune read together, it's sure to match the spirit of the season.
  3. It's not all about romance. The relationships between friends can be more powerful than romantic attraction. Depict your character hanging out with their friends.
  4. Show your character seeking love consultation. This could be contacting a professional, offering something at the shrine of a love god, researching the topic, or anything in between.
  5. Crafting something special for your lover is far more important than fanciful things. Crafting love letters, poetry, illustrations, hand-made sweets, heartfelt trinkets, and the gifting of rare books are all romantic gestures at this time of year.
  6. Dreams at this time of year tend to depict the future--even for non-Oceans! While love is usually the focus of these dreams, dramatic events may also reveal themselves. Do they receive an omen, a blessing, or something completely nonsensical?

For completing your first prompt, you receive: x1 Lovebird, x1 Silver Ticket, x3 Semi-custom Coins.

Jamboree Letter Bees

You can also create a Love Letter this year. Depict your dragon courting one of the Emissaries to win a special prize. The higher your score, the better your prize! This part of the event can't be collaborated. Click here to turn in your event piece. Pieces are due the last second of May 31st. The dragon must have their Grand Courtship complete and belong to you. However, in the holiday spirit, same-sex pairs are allowed!

1-9 - Common egg, matching element(s) of emissary.
10-19 - Uncommon egg, matching element(s) of emissary. 1 random buff rolled
20-29 - Rare egg, matching element(s) of emissary. 2 random buffs rolled
30-39 - An egg with your dragon as Parent one and the Emissary as Parent two (magic is applied if possible). 3 random buffs rolled
40-50 - An egg with your dragon as Parent one and the Emissary as Parent two (magic is applied if possible). 4 random buffs rolled

Here are the potential buffs:

  • Random Mutation
  • Random Modifier
  • Random Display
  • Random Soulbound Familiar
  • Magic Boosted to tier 2
  • Magic Boosted to tier 4
  • Guaranteed Crossbreed*



So, how do you get a good score?

+1-20 - RNG roll (will be rolled on Discord)
+5 - Terrain Matches Emissary (Learn about Terrains here)
+5 - Compatible Elements (Learn about compatibility here)
+10 - Courtship Matches Emissary (Learn about Courtship Art here)
+10 - Exceptional Effort (Noticeably better than your usual art/writing)
+10 - Both art and writing included (each must meet activity requirements).

You may only do the Letter Bee prompt once, so think carefully about the pair you use!

*You may request guaranteed pure breed instead. If you do, keep in mind that the buff is still not guaranteed.

Account Confirmation & Site F.A.Q

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This page is for old players that joined prior to the making of , as well as new players who would love to pick up their first egg!

Do I NEED to join the site to gain access to my old dragons and transfer my genos?

Yes, you need to join. Any transferred genos on deviantART link to their new pages, so there should be no confusion on this! There is also a handy dandy document that shows what you have and where it is, all in one collective spreadsheet!

I just joined the site! What do I do?

Comment here to have your inventory, dragons, and genos transferred to you, along with any slots/non bankable proofs linked to you.  You can see everything you own from the old site by clicking here and navigating to your tab. Make sure your account is verified, or we won't be able to transfer your things to you. Players with over 100 genos are placed in a low-priority queue (they are worked on after the other queue is done!). Whether you are a new or old player, you will also receive one legendary egg! Please fill out this form:

Old Username: (make sure you are verified)
Legendary Egg Element One:
Legendary Egg Element Two:

What do I do once I have my things?
  1. Verify that all the information is correct on your characters and that you still have all your items/genos. Everything has been triple-checked, but there's always a chance mistakes slip through. Comment here if you find any mistakes NOT mentioned on the 'changes' section of your spreadsheet.
  2. Make sure to update your gift art rules, as everything was turned OFF so people could input any rules they want first. Please prioritize this, as the next event involves gift art and I really hope no one misses out!
  3. Feel free to edit the name and profile of ANY of your characters. You can even link to a character profile (such as a profile) that displays on their profile page.
  4. You may edit the designs of your dragons freely--no need for an import change! This is mainly to test the design system. There will be a 1 month advance notice before designs return to needing an import change.
My dragons are marked as 'non-sellable, non-transferrable, worth $0.' Help!

Don't worry, you can still sell and trade your dragons as before! Any character you own can be traded and sold for any amount (show this info to people if you'd like to reassure them!). Players ALWAYS determine the value of their own characters. However, due to the way attaching to Riders works, the system cannot handle automatic transfers for uploaded characters. They need to be manually detached to prevent errors. Because of this, they are automatically locked in the system. This is the same reason they don't automatically snap to deviantART accounts when accounts are verified/hooked up. If you would like to transfer/sell/trade dragons, you may do so by commenting at this link!

Festival of the Night 2022

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Luna has returned from the Chronoscape, ready to give out their blessings once more. They might spare a blessing or two to someone who provides enough silver. For whatever reason, silver tickets appear after a show of dedication or generosity, and there’s plenty of that to share in the holiday season! To enter, draw gift art of someone else’s dragon with one of the following themes (no repeats). The Festival lasts until the end of January. Once you complete the event, scroll down to learn about the victory lap!

    1. Jingle All the Way
    2. Express Journey
    3. Home for the Holidays
    4. Woodland Friends
    5. Frozen
    6. Miracle
    7. Happiness and Cheer
    8. Grinch
    9. Past, Present, Future
    10. Nightmare Before Christmas

Each prompt gives 3 SC, 3 Silver Tickets, and a Small Blessing. If you do not complete them all, you still keep the prizes earned along the way! A Silver Ticket store will open once Luna has their sales in order. In addition to these prompts, there will be flash prompts on the Discord that give out various goodies. Keep an eye on the prompts channel if you would like to draw even more presents! 

Click Here to Turn in Your Prompts

Fill out the following form in the notes area:




Attach ALL characters in the piece to this submission so we can check their gift art rules and give out EXP.


  • All prompts must be turned in before the deadline. The prompt turn-in is timed and will close automatically.
  • Link to characters used in the description and on the prompt turn-in.
  • You may use tickets from past events to gain prizes. Tickets may not be traded, sold, or gifted
  • Only the artist(s) of an image will receive the prizes.
  • Gifts must follow gift art rules. You can check dragons with open gift art HERE and open gift writing HERE.
  • Gifts must be of dragons; While including Riders is always good, they do not count towards prizes.
  • Art images must have a full body dragon, coloring, shading, and a background. All traits of the dragon must be clearly visible. Unlike other years, art must be fully rendered and not rushed. They should all be in separate files--no art sheets. The artist(s) turning it in may include Search Tools and Familiar buffs for their own characters.
  • Written entries have a minimum of 300 words, plus 300 for each extra dragon character (extra Riders will not add to the minimum). The focus of the story should be the giftee's dragon. They should all be in separate sections--no collection all on one page. If the writing is over 600w, then the artist(s) may include Search Tools and Familiar buffs for their own characters.
  • Collaborations are allowed, but requirements are doubled (two guest dragons for art, double word count for writing). Additionally, the gift must be for a player that is not an artist of a piece.
  • You may only get the reward for a prompt once. Additionally, each prompt must be a gift for a different person. You may choose to depict different Emissaries instead of giving gift art, if desired.
  • All dragon elements receive 2 Event EXP in each event entry. If a dragon in the gift has access to a calendar, they get an additional +2 EXP. If a dragon has access to a Party Parrot, they get an additional +2 EXP. These bonuses stack if multiple are present.
  • You can’t receive any sort of compensation for a gift. It should not be part of an art payment, trade, entry for a giftee’s contest, or anything similar.
  • Art from the main event cannot be used for other types of rolls in the game, such as Adventures or Affiliation Quests.

Festival Victory Lap

Once you've completed the rest of the event, you can continue earning tickets by giving out gift art. For each piece of gift art, you will receive 1 Silver Ticket. Victory Lap gift art may be combined with activities, as long as the giftee dragon does not claim an activity.

Victory Lap Rules:

  • Only one ticket per player per image can be earned. Unlike the main event, collaborators may receive a Silver Ticket for depicting their partner's dragon--just make sure that dragon is not participating in another AR!
  • The same dragon may not be used more than once to gain a Silver Ticket.
  • To prevent accidental double dipping, please put a description of who is doing what in any art pieces that will have tickets claimed.
  • Illustration rules follow the same requirements as the main event.
  • Written requirements follow the same rules as the main event unless a character is turning in an activity. In that case, it is the base activity word count +300 words.
  • Only dragons that have their prompt labelled as Event will get the event bonus or Party Parrot perks.

You may spend any extra tickets at Apollo's Wares or use them in the Festival Advent.

Festival Advent 2022

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This is a new type of event for the Winter. It requires no art–just attendance! Once per 24 hours, you may make a Claim for a new prize. There are 31 prizes to be had and two months to do claims, so don’t worry if you're unable to grab one every day! There are all sorts of goodies in there to make every day special!

Week One - Chipmunk, Small Adornments, Fireplace, Cozy Bird, Silver Ticket x1, Pet Pen, Snow Macaque

Week Two - Small Blessing, Large Adornments, x1 Silver Ticket, Arctic Fox, The Good List, Star Chart, Transport Tank x5

Week Three - Oven, Rare Dragon Egg, Monal Pheasant, Ere's Mirror, Silver Ticket x1, Fair Blessing, Frozen Egg

Week Four - Chocolate, Memento, Mac the Merry, Silver Ticket x1, Phinae's Remembrance, Black Opal x5, Boulder Opal

Week Five - White Opal x5, Generous Blessing, Warped Blessing

MAKE A CLAIM HERE. Put ‘Festival Advent’ in the comment area. Optionally, you may include a cute emoji.

  • The Advent ends at the very last second of January.
  • You receive the prizes in the same order you claim. In example, everyone gets the same prize on the first claim, even if they did not claim on the same day. Everyone who makes their fifth claim will receive the same prize, even if it's on a different day.
  • You may remove a 24 hour cooldown for 1 Silver Ticket, allowing you to skip ahead one day. Attach it to your claim and remember to click the checkbox before hitting Submit. You may do this as many times as you like.
  • Other than the above option, there is no way to get more than one advent prize in a 24 hour period. Please wait until 24 hours have passed before putting in a new claim.

Festival of the Day 2023

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Aurelia’s Hatchery is running out of space for new eggs. Given that they all have crazy magic going on, she wants to find them their homes as soon as possible! The last thing she needs are two dozen eggs hatching early and destroying her Hatchery. She’s sought the help of Riders the worlds over to find new homes for the eggs. Perhaps they will find their dragon here…or perhaps they can tell if someone else matches a dragon! This is a secret Santa event where players look for their dragon and find a dragon for others. Will you find who you’re looking for?

What is a secret santa?

For this secret santa, you make a custom dragon for someone. In return, you receive a custom dragon from someone else, along with a few other prizes! Who you get it from is a surprise, and the person you are assigned is also a surprise. Please keep your assignments a secret until January 1st. What you get is random, so only participate if you are open to any possibilities.


  • One pre-designed secret santa dragon with a few custom traits to make you smile~ It will have the Elemental Anomaly mutation. A random mutation (not including a second Elemental Anomaly) will be rolled publically on the Discord and applied to the critter as Recessive.
  • 1 Slot to an Emissary of your choosing (Any Element including unreleased Emissaries, list the element on entry)
  • 1 Legendary Egg +10 SC -OR- 1 Ultra-rare Egg + 15 SC

Use this Form to Join:

Desired Element (PICK ONE): (Any Element other than Day/Night. This element will exhibit Tier IV magic in the design.)
Favorite Display Trait: (Rare or below, matches element)
Favorite Modifier Trait: (Rare or below, matches element)
One Word Request: (Example: Cute! )
Phobias & Problem Colors: (optional. list any phobias and/or colors to avoid. please do not be super specific with colors.)
Desired Emissary Slot: (click here for a list of emissaries or simply list an element)

Click here for the page to comment on.

Designer Rules:

  • One element should match their preferred element. You can pick any other element for their second or choose to make it purebred.
  • Design them as if they have Tier IV magic of their preferred element. This year, elemental effects should show somehow on the dragon.
  • All physical traits should match their element(s).
  • Other than elemental magic, must follow regular semi custom rules.
  • Minimum Five Display/Mod Traits Combined
  • No Mutations.
  • No Charged Traits outside of preferred element
  • Do not include a background/the background should be transparent.
  • To finish your design, you must also have it approved. For design checks, submit the provided MYO ticket and you will receive replies there.


December 10th — If you commented here, you will receive your secret santa target!
January 30th — Designs are due! No extensions.
February 1st — All prizes will be given out!


Do I need to enter on the site?

Yes, you will need a site account so that you can use the MYO ticket there.

Can I include extra art/reference art for my secret santa?

Yes! Feel free to attach any art you like to your gift.

What Happens if I Can’t Finish My Design?

The person who made your Secret Santa gift will keep the design they made for you, and you will not receive one. Your recipient will have their gift drawn by a moderator. You will not receive the 10 SC reward, legendary egg reward, or Emissary slot reward. If you are unable to finish your design and you know ahead of the deadline, let us know so we can reassign your task to someone else. Your dragon will be returned to the giftee, who may choose to gift it to the community however they choose or keep the design.

I am having trouble designing. Can I have some help?

The mods are always happy to help! You can message us on Discord or directly message the Chronocompass deviantart group. There is an exception to the no-mod-DMs rule for Festival of the Day.

What Happens if I Don’t Like My Design?

If you would prefer to have the art in your style, you may redraw it. However, you cannot change the design that is given to you, and you cannot use the geno for anything else. When the dragon unlocks magic on its import, the original design should still be apparent through the magical additions. What you get is random, so only participate if you are open to any possibilities.

Can I Sell, Trade, or Gift my Secret Santa egg?

No. If you choose not to use it, it will simply go unused.

Can I Sell, Trade, or Gift my dragon after it’s uploaded?

Once the dragon is uploaded, you may sell or transfer it like normal. There is a one month cooldown on ownership, so if you upload it on February 2nd, you can sell it on March 2nd.

Will the dragons have lineage?

Yes, they will have lineage assigned upon upload.


Affiliations, Taming, and More!

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Lots of stuff happened during the month of September! New mutations have been added to the roller and the Warped Blessing is now out and about in player hands. New mutations are available through the Blessing along with a rare chance of popping up in breedings.  Not all of these are available through Emissaries, so you could be the first to own one of these new mutations!

Affiliations have been reworked, with dozens of items added, and two new Affiliations to check out.

Finally, the September Contest winners have been decided. Congratulations to Kid31 and Doom for their snazzy, spooky designs! To learn how to tame them, click here!

There's still more in store for the spooky season! Stay tuned~

September Design Contest

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Taming returns in October in brand new ways! To celebrate, here’s a design contest with some neat prizes~ .  You may enter multiple times, but will only receive one prize. There will be one guaranteed winner, but more may be chosen depending on the number of entries.

It is possible for you to tame your own entry in October, but highly unlikely, so be prepared to part with any design you enter.

| Rules |

Design should follow regular semi-custom rules, with some exceptions listed below.

  • You must include Elemental Anomaly (Dark), focusing on the ghostly/zombie side.
  • You may design the dragon with Large Adornments and any number of Loremarks.
  • The design should have a transparent background and any signature should not be on top of the design.

Because this design is going to the group and should appeal to everyone, these things are not allowed for the contest:

  • Active bleeding, or using marks to imitate bleeding
  • Closely packed spots
  • Debris/adornments focusing on large objects stabbing through the dragon

The geno might be adjusted to suit the design; If it's not possible, then we might request you make minor changes to the design.

Due date is September 30th, 11:59:59 PM Baker Island time.

| Prizes |

All entrants will be given their choice of: Any Non-crafted Familiar, a Gem Summon (can be used to summon any emissary for a breeding), or 10 SC.
The winner(s) receive a Warped Blessing (opens into a random mutation that can be used like other Blessing items).

| How to Enter |

Comment on this post with the following form filled out:

Image: (link to transparent .png)
Physical Traits:
Display Traits:
Modifier Traits:
Participation Prize: (Pick Familiar, Gem Summon, or SC)

Wayfarer Tales

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It’s not often that the sun is hot enough to set the world ablaze, but this month is one of those times. A combination of drought, wildfires, and summer tempests has stretched the resources of every community thin. The heat makes the wild animals even more aggressive, and they’re starting to appear closer and closer to people. While chaos reigns, the lowest of the low are using it to their advantage and snatching resources, positions of power, and all sorts of things. The ‘smallest’ problems are slipping under the radar. Dragons and people alike are lost, hungry, and in need of help.

That’s where you come in: the wanderer. It’s time to fix things.


When you complete a prompt, submit it to [THIS LINK] with this turn-in form:

Task Prompt: 
Emissary/Other Player’s Dragon: (if applicable)
Terrain: (if applicable)
Prize Choice: (if applicable)
Buffs: (familiars, search tools, etc.)


Your character must complete a quest to help the world around them. Quests consist of five prompts. Complete each step of the quest to gain the final prize. You can use the same prompt every time, but you get a bonus 1 SC if it’s your first time doing the prompt. You do not need to complete the quest to gain a prize--each prize shown here is rewarded when you turn in the task.

Task One | Prizes: 1 SC, 4 random mats, 20% familiar
Task Two | Prizes: 2 SC, 4 mats matching terrain, 20% familiar
Third Task | Prizes: 3 SC, random crafted item, 20% familiar
Fourth Task | Prizes: 4 SC, crafted item of choice, 20% familiar
Fifth Task | Prizes: 5 SC, 1 legendary egg, 20% familiar

On completion of your fifth task, you complete a Quest. You will receive an optional Expedition prompt, with the type of event influenced by the prompts you pick.  After your first two quests (10 tasks total), the number of tasks to complete a quest goes down to just one. These are optional and are meant to test the waters for an Expedition system. For this test round, there are no negative outcomes. They have awesome prizes–including some unreleased items! If you receive an expedition during this event, you must turn in the response by September 30th. More details on completing the Expedition will be provided when you receive the prompt.



Having your character be a mysterious wanderer for the event is completely optional. They may be helping their own communities and dealing with people they know. The Quest does not need the same characters from prompt to prompt, and it doesn't need to be a continuous story. As long as your art meets the prompt, it will count for the event! You pick what prompts you want to do, and they may be done in any order. You can also just do your favorite prompt multiple times in the same Quest.

  1. The world is troublesome enough without monsters rolling through and destroying things. Your character must clear the region of dangerous animals and monsters in whatever way they prefer. Depict your character dealing with a threat lurking in the wild.
  2. Storms are powerful, destructive, and completely unpredictable. A storm leaves behind a lot of things to fix and find, be it a crumpled building or a memento picked up by the wind. Depict your character weathering a storm with another player’s dragon or helping another player’s dragon recover from the storm. 
  3. In all the hustle and bustle, someone lost their way, and everyone is too distracted to help. It can be a child who can’t find their parents, a newly hatched dragon with no Rider to be seen, someone who was dumped out of the Chronoscape and has no idea what’s going on, or some other creature that needs help. Depict your character finding the parent or Rider, helping the lost one get back on their feet, or taking them in until they can find a better solution.
  4. The fires devastated the wildlife of the region. Forests were burned to a crisp and animals were sent scattering. Depict your character tending to the wild. They can be rescuing animals, planting new trees, or even putting out residual fires.
  5. A strange egg-shaped rock has made its way to your character’s claws. It resembles a gemstone, but there’s something peculiar about it. Depict how your character handles this rock. Do they care for it like an egg? Do they eat it like a tasty gemstone? Do they leave it among a bunch of rocks? It’s up to you!
  6. Returning to everyday life is hard after a disaster. Show your character helping another player’s dragon return to normalcy after a terrible event. They can help find food, gather medicine for someone fallen ill, or simply play a game to help take their minds off things.
  7. A village’s infrastructure is completely messed up. The opportunists are taking advantage to snatch power and cause problems for people around them. Depict your character dealing with these troublemakers in whatever way they feel is just.
  8. After a traumatic event, someone is left with a deep-set fear. Help them work through their emotions, whether it’s by teaching them to face their fear, or by burning down the house to get that terrifying spider. Their work does not have to be successful. 
  9. Something strange was awakened by the madness. Your character must investigate the mystery of a folktale that appears to be coming alive. The answer can be as simple as a rock making weird noises in the wind or as dramatic as a mountain-sized dragon waking from its slumber.
  10. A special ingredient is needed for the task. It could be kirin hair for an instrument, scales for plate armor, an enchanted fang, or anything else a dragon might have to spare. Depict your character asking for–or taking– what you need from an Emissary.

When you complete a prompt, submit it to [THIS LINK] with this turn-in form:

Task Prompt: 
Emissary/Other Player’s Dragon: (if applicable)
Terrain: (if applicable–leaving this blank will give you random items)
Prize Choice: (if applicable)
Buffs: (familiars, search tools, etc.)


Rules & Boring Stuff

Deadline: August 31st, 11:59 PM, Baker Island Time

Limits: You may do the quest as many times as you like, but after Two Quests (10 tasks total), all task prizes become 1 SC, 4 random mats, and 10% chance of a familiar appearing. The Expeditions at the end of your quest will still happen, no matter how many quests you do. The number of tasks to complete a quest goes down to just one.

Character Requirements: You may use any species as your questing character, as long as all art requirements are met. You may also switch characters in the middle of a quest. Note that pieces will still need an uploaded dragon somewhere, even if they are not the questing character.

Illustration Requirements: Full body, colored, and a background that has four or more elements other than the flat ground and plain sky. There must be an uploaded dragon somewhere in the image. Images must be uploaded to a gallery of some sort, and NOT direct links to the image.

Written Requirements: A minimum of 600 words is required. There must be an uploaded dragon somewhere in the story.

Collaborations: Collaborations are allowed. The minimum wordcount for collaborations is 900 words. If the prompt requires a dragon from another player, your collaborator’s dragon counts

Buffs: If you are the artist, you may still apply all your regular buffs, Familiars, and search tools (as long as they apply!).



What Familiars drop from the event?
Familiars are most likely to be a Party Parrot…but they could also be something new, depending on what prompt they drop from!

How do I turn things in?
Submit your art to [THIS LINK]. Don’t forget to include the URL of your art! Attach all uploaded characters that contribute to the expedition.

Where do I view extra info on Expeditions?
All the Wayfarer Tale Expedition info can be located by clicking here. Note that these rules might not match final Expedition rules.

How do I turn in Gift Art?
Submit it as a Miscellaneous Art prompt. We will handle the exp. The only buffs that can apply for gift art in this event are: Party Parrot, Robin, Dolphin, and Calendar (if applicable).

Do I have to hatch the eggs during the event?
No, but if you hatch them during the month of August and the first week of September, the eggs will have no lineage.

I have a question that isn't here. Where do I ask?
Drop it in the Discord help channel and I will answer/add it to this list as soon as I can :3 !

Fish Collecting is Here!

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A poll took place on the group Discord which decided on the next priority feature. As a result, fish collecting is here! This is a small addition to Adventures that allows you to collect 50 fish from around the universe. Some even come with lore! View them all by clicking here. They drop as Transport Tanks to prevent unwanted surprises, in case tentacles or transparent bodies are on your list of phobias. If you are uninterested in fishing, you may always sell them for Silvence. They all sell for more than the average activity item.

Arctice OarfishFoaming ThresherKintsugi FishPlume-finned Bubble Ram

You may find a Transport Tank in the following ways:

  • Salvaging in Any Terrain, along with things that pull from the Salvaging pool (Diary, Tacklebox, Cormorant, etc.)
  • Aquarium (which is open again!)
  • Claiming a Basic Lure

Transport Tank

The Basic Lure is a new item that can either add a Transport Tank to a piece of art OR be turned in for a daily claim, no art required. The Basic Lure is a Novice Blacksmith craft that uses Prepared Meat. If you have Novice Blacksmithing unlocked, you will already find the recipe in your recipe book. An award has been added for people that find their own collection of 50 unique fish. Read more on that here. Fish may be transferred into an Aquarium Den item, where you can even name them. This feature is still undergoing balancing. Depending on its popularity, it might be expanded, or similar features might be implemented. Bug collecting for Gathering, more fish, and more lures to catch specific elements are all possibilities.

Of course, it would be irresponsible to add a feature without cleaning things up on the site. Anything related to Adventures has been reviewed. The Adventures page now has images and links for each item. The images even come with alt text for accessibility! Every item found in Adventures also says which Adventure they come from on the item page and links back to the Adventure page for more information. The Adventures page now links to the Experience page, allowing players to see all regular buffs their Rider or dragon might receive.

There have been various other small changes:

  • Certain Prompts in the 'All Prompts' section have been cleaned up for clarity's sake.
  • The price of some activity items have been adjusted.
  • The requirements for backgrounds are now clear-cut. No more subjectivity!
  • Policy on bases is now more lax.
  • Photoshopping/photobashing is now specifically referenced on the EXP page.
  • Flower Seeds have been renamed to Seeds.
  • Caving now includes ravines and cliffs.
  • You may stalk prey during Hunting again. However, the prey should still be visible.
  • Hatchery Donation/Release rewards are changed to Treasure Chests/Treasure Boxes respectively.
  • More Prompts have been added across the board. Training, Grand Displays, all Jobs, Prestige, and more have many things to choose from. Job prompts are no longer tied to rank, allowing more freedom for character development.
  • Equipment and Den Items are separated from regular crafts.
  • Expedition items are marked with rarities. Family Heirloom is marked as rare. Twilight Prism is now Mythic.
  • Eggs, with the exception of Odd Egg (which could never hatch into a gryphon in the future), now have the correct hatching instructions.
  • Account Migration now has a link at the top of the site. Links have been shuffled around up there to make things more intuitive.
  • Beaked allows for teeth, but the teeth should not be attached to the beak. Nostrils may be moved anywhere on the snout.
  • All Traits page has returned!
  • Many other small changes. Watch the #group-dev channel to see the complete changelog.

The next priority is Pixie's Pile. This is a special adoption center open to all members, though it works differently than the Hatchery. Stay tuned for more information on that. Have fun Adventuring!


Breedings Are Open!

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by ccbestiary

Happy Valentines Day! Breedings are open again!


There is a new rule: you can only request a breeding once per 22 hours. This makes it a bit easier for us mods <3 !

There are also a few various changes behind the scenes, mainly involving jobs. Trainer III was buffed with the new breeding system, all Master Crafter Jobs were buffed, and all jobs have 12 prompt options (still only up to three needed) that may be done in any order. This should help vary things up as well as help with character development.

For breedings, Elemental Anomalies have Tier IV magic in their corresponding element. Day and Night dragons have Tier II magic in their corresponding elements to start with. You can customize your leasing permissions quite a bit more.  Chemical Incubator now has a 100% chance of dropping a mutation on one random dragon in the clutch. There is a brand new Breeding Roller (sort of. it uses Lorekeeper format instead of old genos, but is otherwise the same on the backend.).