Den Items & Prompts



Once you are ready to use a Den Item, create an MYO slot from the item. From there, you may apply them to any of your Riders or transfer them to other players. Submit the MYO using either your own art or the default item art. In the note area, mention who you are bonding it to. In the event that you would like to remove a Den Item you own from the game, comment on character transfers and it will be deleted. You will receive half of the item's Silvence value.

In order to use the benefits of Den Items, you must also have the furniture installed in/applied the Den. You can get furniture by crafting, trading, or buying from the Silvence store. Characters depicted in these prompts must include at least one of the Den’s occupants (Dragon or Rider).

Creating Unique Items

If you choose to illustrate them, you may choose a different appearance. In example, you can draw a Calendar as a Sun Dial instead. They simply have to match the item in use! For strange interpretations of an item, the art must match what is depicted. 

There are three different rarities of Den Items. The base for most is 'Common'--this means it has the default item appearance. You can increase it to Uncommon and then Rare by 1) Giving it a custom appearance/design and 2) Having it as a focus in a prompt. For writers, you may write a description of 300 words instead of having a custom appearance. This does not count towards any activities, prompts, or exp.

Simple Decorations

These give passive effects. They do not count as Den Prompts.

  • CalendarGive a bonus +3EXP for event images held in the den.
  • Pet Toys – Maximum familiars goes up by 3 (Riders only).
  • Pet Pen – Maximum familiars goes up by 3 (Riders only).

Unique Prompts

The furniture must be placed in one of the characters’ Den in order to be used. If using another player’s Den items, they still must have a host character that lives in the Den. If the art is not done by the owner of the den, then they must have additional leasing permission to be using the Den. If a prompt takes place outside of the Den’s perimeters (such as a space adventure with the star chart), then the purpose of the journey must benefit the Den, follow the Den’s theme, or have the piece of furniture in question being actively used.

  • Only six den prompt rolls may be turned in per player per day.

Art Requirements

Illustration Writing
600 words or Longer
If there are more than two characters, then there is an additional 300 word minimum for each character claiming an activity.


Terrain(s): (optional)
Familiar Search Tools: (optional)
Buffs: (familiars, equipment, etc.)


Currently, the following prompts are open:

Ancient Reconstruction - Show your character using their Reconstruction to travel to the past or future. If they are already in the different time, the den item should be present. This drops two Earth activity items.

Animal Coop - Show your character interacting with a domestic animal (other than Gryphons, dragons, Keo, and Tombre, Focas, Obsidians). Chance of receiving the following loot: Feathers, Claws and Fangs, Eggs, Fleece, Milk, Large Bones, Small Bones, Pearls, Large Bones, Large Animal Skins, Small Animal Skins, Beautiful Shells, Scales, and Skittercritters.

Aquarium - Show your character interacting with aquatic life. This aquatic life should not be an Elemental dragon, Rider, or other art group species. Receive two Transport Tanks.

Aviary - Show your character caring for Gryphons. Has a chance of randomly dropping two particular items, and a rare chance of a very rare item.

Bird Feeder - Show your character interacting with the feathered wildlife near their den. Chance of receiving the following loot: Gemstones, Scrap Metal, Feathers, Small Animal Skin, Sticks, Skittercritters, Eggs, Beautiful Shell, Glass, Pure Bead, Crystal Bead, Small Jewelry, Random Amount of Silvence.

Bookshelf - Show your Rider or dragon acting out a story or play. If it does not take place in the den, then the story chosen should match the theme of the den. This drops two Wind activity items.

Canvas - Show your character creating art. Gain between 1-100 silvence. The Canvas loot is not affected by Large Jewelry (Emerald) or Large Adornments.

Crafting Station - Show your Rider working or managing an area with their Tailor tools. They receive one Exotic Silk.

Crystal Chandelier - Show your Rider hosting a fancy or luxurious event; They may also be invited to another fancy event so long as they have an invitation that was sent to their den. This drops two Light activity items.

Decorative Sword - Show your dragon or Rider using a forged weapon to battle. The weapon should match the theme of your den. Gain two random Fire activity items.

Diary - Depict a moment from the daily life of your character. Receive two random activity items.

Dreamcatcher - Draw a strange dream that your dragon and rider share together. You receive two random activity roll items.

Entertainment System - Show your dragon or Rider as they would appear in a video game. If the den item is not directly depicted, user interface must be visible (such as hearts, hp bars, stats, etc.). Genre is your choice. They may take any form, as long as they are recognizable as your dragon. Gain two random Thunder activity items.

Fireplace - Dragon and rider share a personal story in the den. The memory gains a +5EXP bonus.

First Aid Kit - Care for a dragon you or another player owns. Removes the Wounded status of a character. If the character does not belong to you, you must have leasing permission to heal it.

Flowerbed - When the den’s dragon is drawn in a romantic scene with another dragon alongside flowers, both gain an extra +5EXP. Flowerbeds must contain at least 10 flowers.

Forge - Show your character making a metal, glass, or clay object. They receive a Perfect Ingot.

Head Mount - Show your character setting up, planning, or checking traps around the den. Gain two random hunting adventure items.

Hot Spring - Depict two dragons in a romantic scene at a watery feature of the Den. If the dragons share an element, you receive a ‘Pure Bead’ item which guarantees a majority of purebreds in a clutch. If the dragons share no elements, you receive a ‘Crystal Bead’ item which guarantees a majority of crossbreeds in a clutch. Include the ID of the companion when turning in the art.

Koi Pond - Draw your character hanging out or interacting with a body of water close to the den. This drops two Ocean activity items.

Oven - Depict your Rider cooking, trying to cook, or serving a meal that they made. They receive a Secret Ingredient.

Roulette - Show your character playing a game of chance or gambling. This drops two Storm activity items.

Soft Bed - Show a resident of the den sleeping in their soft bed. They recover from the Sleep Status.

Star Chart - Show your dragon or Rider on some sort of adventure that uses stars or space. If they are already on their adventure, the den item should be present. Gain two random Dark activity items.

Tacklebox - Show your character fishing using their tools. Receive two random items from salvaging adventures.

Trophy - Show your dragon or Rider in a contest with a den guest. Win a random untrained crafting item. There is a rare chance that the item may be a Novice crafting item instead. Buffs that give extra items (such as Large Adornments or Carpenter III buff) will not apply.

Weather Vane - Show your character weathering the storm in your home. Receive two random items from the gathering list.

Wishing Well - Show your character making a wish at some sort of lucky monument on their property (fountains, wells, shrine, etc.). They gain the [Lucky] status their next activity roll will be rolled twice. Their status returns to normal after their next loot-based activity roll.

Workbench - Show your character at work using wood as a material or creating some type of Den decoration. Receive a High-quality Lumber .