Calm After The Storm

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Loud shouting and the crashing of trees and rocks welcomed Akeem as he flew into eyesight of Malakai’s main campsite. What was normally a calming sight, typically Rivia and Malakai near each other and Monti off guarding Leshen, was now in chaos. The trees that surrounded the clearing were smashed, splintered down the middle and making chaotic paths. The earth was cracked and jagged and growls of pain and anger could be heard. Panic seized inside Akeem’s chest and for a moment, he felt frantic, before he stilled himself.


Through their bond, he could sense that Fidelia was trying to search for any sight of Malakai. With them so high in the air and the forests blocking them, he knew he would be unlikely to spot the male. His ears gave a twitch and he lowered down, searching the winds for possible noise that could calm Fi’s own worry. Distantly, he caught his familiar voice, yelling out commands mixed with trying to soothe someone. Fidelia only relaxed for a moment before she was gripping his neck in pure worry.


“He’s going to be alright. He’s lived by himself for a long time now,” Akeem reassured, her panic only calming down a smidge.


“I know. I’m sure they still need help,” She replied before she gave a pat to his neck and signaled for him to fly closer.


Folding his wings in closer, he dove down to where he could catch the sounds at their largest. The winds carried them to him and he barely avoided a flying tree as he shot through a tight space. In front of him were Monti and Rivia, for once fighting side by side while Malakai was safely a few yards away from them. The agitated state he was in reminded Akeem of boiling sand and acid dribbling from snarling teeth, but no intense fear came from him. Instead, he was laser focused on his two Earth dragons who were fighting against another dragon. Vines and flowers sprouted from them, trying to entangle the two dragons.


The smell of sickly sweetness finally hit Akeem’s nostrils. The dragon looked to be in frantic fear, parts of it wisping off it in sticky waves. It reminded him of Leshen. It let out sharp cries, barely avoiding the rocks that were thrown towards it.


“Akeem,” Fidelia’s voice broke through. “Can you calm it? I know you hate that magic but -”


“I can do it.”


Fortunately the dragon had not caught sight of him and was more focused on Rivia and Monti. The moment one managed to get out of the growing vines, more appeared and wrapped around them. Akeem grimaced as he noticed the thorns that grew along the vines, trying to tear into the thick pelts of the two Earth dragons. At least it meant the dragon was too desperate to notice a newcomer and could be more easily… sedated.


As quietly as he could, he flew behind the smaller dragon. He hated this type of magic - not for what it could do, but what he had to do to make it work. It was similar to that of a metal dragon, being able to project a mind onto another but it was more of him almost projecting a small part of himself into the creature. It was always brief, for the dragon to realize he was there before his presence lulled them into a sleep. He had to actively focus on that though or he could risk them panicking and realizing he was there. Or worse, force him deeper into their thoughts and make it harder for him to come back to his own body.


Needless to say, he rarely did it. 


Closing his eyes tightly, he focused on the little dragon and felt himself slowly separating from his own physical form. He could still feel Fidelia’s bond pursuing through his own mind, her own calmness enveloping him. Trying to be quick, he forced himself into the little dragon’s mind. It was as chaotic as the dragon had been, vines enveloped everywhere. Sap dripped over him, but he focused on the image of waves. The waves became more and more calm, the sound of them lapping onto a beach, the feeling of coolness. Slowly the sap stopped and the vines started to disappear. Almost instantaneously, he could feel the dragon’s mind starting to drift off into those peaceful thoughts.


The moment it seemed the dragon was asleep, Akeem opened his eyes quickly. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw that he was in his own body, staring down at the dragon who had suddenly slumped down. There were no more wisps and the former vines around Rivia and Monti had disappeared. Instead, they were stuck staring at the sudden Jungle dragon in confusion. Akeem simply landed down, finding relief in feeling the earth on his paws.


The moment he landed, Fidelia was climbing off him and rushing over to where Malakai was. He had to chuckle at seeing her like this while Malakai seemed confused at what had occurred.

Calm After The Storm
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In Magic and Rites ・ By Frights-and-Nights

Attempt: First

Element: Ocean

Prompt: Use healing magic to patch up a serious wound or ailment.

Word Count: 845


Akeem uses calming magic to calm down a very distressed feral dragon

Submitted By Frights-and-Nights
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