PA -Erre Coalition - That's just asking for trouble

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Meiron read the missive again, in front of him Kovaithe craned her neck as she too read it  (she'd gotten good at that even if it was upside down). She puffed out her chest. "Only fools would try to actually use that area." She commented. "That's why they'll use it, because everyone else thinks that and if they lose one or two of their umber, what does it matter." Meiron's raven hopped closer, picking up one of the shiny coins which had dropped out, grating out its own comments.  Though Meiron continued to be annoyed by the sheer number of requests the coalition seemed to be sending him, he couldn't argue that the rewards were starting to show through. Plus, the location indicated was within flight distance from the cenote.. and the sea. Turning the page over, Meiron scribbled a response. While he knew how to weave instance magic, casting it was a different story especially on the scale that was needed.

Meiron got a response back barely a day later, showing just how worried the Coalition was about this entrance and its proximity to the sea. Shifting into his gryphon form, Meiron took to the air, the raven on wing besides him as his wings swept over the rocky terrain below, his shadow covering the darting Kovaithe, the youngster adamant she was big enough to get there herself now (even if flight still eluded her). Eventually the path they were following lead into a canyon, in years past water would of flowed through it to the sea, now though it was dry.. and sheltered, with many nooks and crannies, perfect... if you didn't want to be seen... and also perfect for birds, numerous nests scattered around though most were currently empty. Meiron descended as he spotted a group, one lifin a hand in greeting, they gyrphon dipping a wing in response, this contact he'd met before. Kovaithe also ambled up, her sides heaving from the run.

Landing, Meiron sat back on his haunches, the raven landing on his head and preening his feathers, his tail twitched as he looked over the mages, all had their cloaks up, not surprising, given the coalition would like to keep the identity of these mages hidden. His gaze swept over to the 'door', unlike other he'd seen, this one literally has formed between two spires of rock... but seemed unusually stable. "If anyone pops their head through, ill headbutt them... errr... that won't affect you all from working will it?" Kovaithe asked the mages, her tails lashing in her eagerness as she used her wings to stabilize her bipedal body. One of them laughed, the deep chuckle echoing in the canyon. "Nah, in fact if any pop their heads through that'll interrupt the magic so it would be a lot harder to seal it... it takes more energy to close a door when something is in it, as if its feeding of them to a point. Still its not as if we cant seal it like that... just a wee bit on the messy side." He explained, Koviathe blinking at that last bit... did that mean... she glanced at her rider who seemed to be listening intently. "Okies." She responded.

The raven took off as the magic surged, but only a few crevasses up where it eyed an empty nest, no eggs, but there were a few random objects here and there. Meiron meanwhile kept an eye on the canyon entrance, just in case it was already known, he was also 'watching' the magic the mages were casting, learning about it as they spell was woven. The dragon stared, ears pricked forward as the door rippled, she almost wanted someone to poke their head through, then she could wallop them...... but she didn't want the mages to wear themselves out either. She yelped as a 'pop' suddenly sounded, the door fading from sight and she glared at the mages... they could of warned her...

PA -Erre Coalition - That's just asking for trouble
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In Political Affiliations ・ By Returu

Erre Coalition

Prompt #2 - A secret door to the Chronoscape was discovered that could be used as a backdoor for criminals. Help seal the door with magic or guard the mages doing so.

WC: 661
Terrain: Earth
Familiar Search Tools: Cuckoo x2
Buffs: Rider Present (Dragon Master), Master Breeder, Master Rancher, Novice adventurer,  Migratory Snaketail (Soulbound), Raven, Falcon. Mercenary dragon , Personal art, Familiar present in writing

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