PA - Erre Coalition: Battle tactics in the mud flats

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The day started out fairly normal, Meiron's recent actions with the Coalition (encouraged by Kovaithe) meant that while he may not of been welcomed with open arms, he was  usually greeted with an acknowledging nod. Not that the cat actually cared what most people thought of him; what he did appreciate was that it made traveling in the area a lot easier as well as information on the chronoscope and the locations of some of the doors that the Coalition used; plus the extra bonus of been able to access specialized resources that the coalition offered...

The island the pair was currently on was one of the smaller islands, with only a single settlement; small fishing vessels lay idle among the mud flats and deadly rock formations, the latter of which was only visible during the low tide. At any other time, these rocks were a dangerous protector, deterring many who would attack. Past this potentially dangerous area lay the pristine beach, where the citizens of the settlement had gathered to watch the ship approaching; it didn't take them long to realize that their small island would soon be under attack... that ship belonged to the Abrendese Militia. 

Merion growled as he spotted the vessel in the distance powering its way to then, Kovaithe had never come across them before but she picked up on her riders hostility. The cat had never forgotten the time he’d been captured by them, but had never really come across them since, so he’d just ignored it. The islanders were worried, muttering between themselves, but panic hadn’t set in for which he was grateful for.

When no one seemed to take charge, Meiron mentally rolled his eyes, he was no strategist.... but he did have a sharp mind and if the small fishing boats were stranded, there was no way the ship approaching would be able to make it all the way to the beach... which meant the forces would have to come through the mud flats; though had it been anyone else other than the Militia he may of just left them to deal with it themselves. Getting the attention of one of the elders, he explained his idea, all they needed to do was slow down the would be attackers (with help from Kovaithe) until he could get onboard and sabotage the entire vessel... and the harpoons he'd seen lying around were deadly. 

Kovaithe all but hummed with excitement as her rider took off into the air, vanishing into the sunlit sky, she was after all a fire/earth hybrid.... this... this was what she was built for (well and getting more coins from the coalition.) Around her the more able bodied islanders had grabbed harpoons and spears and were using the rocks to hide, the more vulnerable having gone into hiding. Spreading her wings to stabilize her body on the mud flats, she watched the ship grind to a halt, a gaping dark maw appearing as a squadron appeared, she narrowed her eyes to see if they had 'guns' as described by her rider, but all she could see were swords... though they were wearing armor of some sort. She barked, and the first volley of harpoons took to the air, powered by the throwers, usually mounted on some of the fishing vessels, grinning as the weapons took out a few, the armor not powerful enough to stop it......, several more were flung forward, and it was only after this that Kovaithe charged, Meiron had told her the harpoons would not be able to be used a second time in quick succession, so only after all had been thrown was she to attack, supported by carefully thrown spears.

Even with the hits, the militia were able to deal with the initial attacks by the islanders (Kovaithe's powerful body was a different story), their armor reflecting the spears thrown at them as they angled to surround the raging dragon. It was at point that a massive explosion shook the air, sending a deafening boom along the flats... and neutralizing the shield. More importantly the militia stood staring at the raging inferno that had been their ship until a minute ago....leaving them prime targes for Kovaithe and the islanders who had been starting to lose hope.... and for the navy gryphon that dove, fire weaving between his talons as he joined the fray..... 

PA - Erre Coalition: Battle tactics in the mud flats
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Erre Coalition

Prompt #3 - The Abrendese Militia has launched an attack on one of the smaller islands. Help them defend against this attack.

WC: 734
Terrain: Earth/Ocean
Familiar Search Tools: Rockhopper penguin x2 (nothing if if doesnt qualify for this)
Buffs: Rider Present (Dragon Master), Master Breeder, Master Rancher, Novice adventurer,
Mercenary dragon , Personal art
Migratory Snaketail (Soulbound), Falcon. Soulstealer

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