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Meiron stared at the letter that had been delivered in the early morning light, the elaborate paper with stunning penmanship (and the occasional wet patch)  and more importantly, who had signed it. “How does she have time to send me a random invite.” Meiron muttered. Kovaithe swiveled her head to read it as well. “But it will be fun, aaaaaand we can spend all that nice money we’ve earned.” She all but purred, honestly her riders reluctance to get massively involved with the coalition was something she didn’t understand, the benefits far outweighed the problems… the letter (signed by the Phinae-Mar herself) literally invited Meiron (and his dragons) as a member of the coalition to one of their fairs, followed by a overnight festival. The cat looked at the eager dragon and sighed, if he didn’t attend it would be seen as impolite especially as the Phinae-Mar had asked for him directly. “Fine, but don’t ask me to buy you anything.”

Only a few hours later had Meiron and Koviathe landing on one of the larger islands, the bunting and lights already up in anticipation of the festival afterwards, and all around were stalls and vendors selling all of things. Shifting back to his bestia form, Meiron shook himself .... his garb… the usual cloak and pants, he had no reason to dress up, if anyone had a problem well that was their problem. Kovaithe though had made her rider brush her fur, so she looked smarter than normal she at least wanted to make an impression, she’d also been given a small pouch of coins to buy stuff. The crowds weren’t too bad at least, and Meiron followed his dragon as she meandered through the fair, her gaze constantly landing on interesting things, the cat meanwhile simply ignored most of it, at least he did until a cold, wrinkled blue hand appeared. 

The phinae-mar grinned up at him. “You can escort me.” Meiron stared at her and slumped. “You have far too much time on your hands, elder.” He knew when he’d been bested, and when she cackled at him he shook his head. “To where do you wish to see?” He asked recalling Kovaithe, whose snout was covered In pink fluff, the candy floss a treat she couldn’t resist… she also held a small bucked with a fish, Catching her riders eye she grinned sheepishly. “I couldn’t resist, and I think monster could do with a friend.” She commented, referring to the koi pond and the big black grass karp that lived in it.

The Phinae-Mar cackled, petting the dragon as Meiron continued to guide her through the fair. “I may have to visit to greet this monster in person.” Meiron didn’t respond, well aware she could literally just waltz into his den since she seemed to know exactly where it was. He did however angle his body to push through a large group (Kovaithe helped barring her teeth to protect her fish) when he spotted a stall which sparked his  interest, the Phinae-Mar also looked over, a knowing grin oh her wrinkled face.

Books, scrolls and other it lay across the table, the stall holder grinned at him in welcome as Meiron handled several of the books,  skimming some to get an idea of what was in them… and then grimacing when he realized he’d have to barter. Muttering he looked down, noticing that the phinae-mar had vanished and Kovaithe drooling over a nearby stall, her tails whipping in her excitement. He turned back to the stall holder and quite literally passed him some silvence, he knew from past experiences that haggling down prices was not something he could do. To his surprise though, the holder passed several coins back, a discount applied because of his assistance with the coalition.

As the day shifted into night, the stalls shifted their merchandise, more food and trinket stalls opened as music started to play the festival coming to life on the small island, and though reluctant to admit it, Meiron had enjoyed himself… but not as much as his dragon who was covered in a variety of things she’d acquired and won… and a fish that happily swam in the bucket…

PA - Erre Coalition - Festivities
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In Political Affiliations ・ By Returu

Erre Coalition

Prompt #1 -  Festivals are frequent. Depict your character attending a public fair or festival!
WC: 713
Terrain: Light
Familiar Search Tools: Piggy bank x3 (exchange of silvence)
Buffs: Rider Present (Dragon Master), Master Breeder, Master Rancher, Novice adventurer,
Mercenary dragon , Personal art, Contact NPC present (Phinae-Mar)
Migratory Snaketail (Soulbound),  Pink Fairy Armadillo, Rabbit

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