Shady Plains

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Tabby's home is one she found on her rambling adventures, and decided to settle down for. 
In the midst of thick, voracious forests and a canopy of trees, a valley levels out into a flat grass plain with wild flowers and rocky little canals, all within the shadow of a looming set of hills that could barely be considered a mountain. It is an abandoned place that used to be home to a small village - something of a homestead, even. 
But all that remains in its ruins are the shadows of life in a rickety old well, a few foundation ruins, long grass wound around ancient, forgotten wagon wheels and the crumbling stone mammoth that rises above it all - Shady Plains mansion, as she called it. Only half the nameplate, 'Shady P' left on its entry gate. 
It was grand once, with marble pillars and painted scenes on the oak stair case, magical impliments and broken vanity chairs, checkered floor tiles and mysterious dusty tomes of spells and runic guardians. All left for the elements - and now Tabby and her band - to reclaim and rule over once more. 
As a disgraced royal, it feels nice to live in sort of luxury again, even if the roof is half collapsed and the beds are covered in suspicious red stains and spiderwebs. Its a mystery even to her why this place was abandoned, but it doesn't much matter to her or her companions anymore. They have raised tents and formed a little caravan of lost souls in its grand hall, and set up safe play places for their kittens and elders to settle, play cards, talk and run around in relative safety. 
Tent pegs dig into exposed earth, wine ages in the root basement, and canvases lap gently in cool breezes and secure winters. 
Its a defendable, and good hide out for this resident Robin Hood and her merry men. 
Shady Plains
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In Den and Everyday Art ・ By Zincwolf
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