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Tucked away in a plane of long grass and familiar smelling trees lay the spot where Delphine made her stand against the elements -quite literally, in the case of Chronocompass' magic.
It hadn't been far from where the mountain woman hermit originally from the late 1800's on earth found her way to this strange place, with her less then helpful and more then a little insane companion, Winnie. It hadn't been long until they encountered strange dragons and creatures, and... rather then getting a slap of culture shock like most, she instead doubled down, and did what she did best. What  had gotten her through life. 
She buckled down, and started from scratch again. She made her own tools by foraging for rocks and bone, found herself and nice running water source, and once she'd hunted enough game, bot magical and otherwise with the guns she had brought with her, she bought an axe and a saw and began to construct their new homestead while Winnie, occasionally, maybe helped a little bit between galivanting about and exploring. 
Del was never the type to strike up friendships, or talk to locals. She had done her fair share of bounties, and had done her fair share of every other scummy job too, but what had always been an issue for her that, as a woman that made her life from hunting - she'd run of out challenges. A wolf, a moose or a cougar might give her a run for her money occasionally, but, it weren't nothin' like the things she saw here. 
She accommodated her home in kind, when in an attempt to wrangle herself what she thought was the closest thing to a horse she could find out in the wild, and ended up with a couple dragons instead. 
Del's homestead reflects her harsh, bark like  nature pretty simply, as it also reflects the fact she's a poacher. Finding the work easy to get into. Skulls adorn her pine wood cabin, both dragons and regular animals. The whole lot is handmade and old looking, no prefabricated beams and no nails that weren't hammered in by her own bare hands. It has a wide land around it with pine trees and a distant mountain view, and a large stable attached to the back of it. To the side is the outhouse, and it comes furninished with oil lambs and what furniture she could buy from the locals that she couldn't make herself, like plumbing tools, ores, pipes, glass and ceramics. 
The wild valley flowers and swaying pines remind her of home. And while she misses how the air used to smell in the mountains and some local fauna, she much prefers this lawless land she's found herself grounded in. Don't matter if she doesn't speak common tongue. Her dragons do, and she never much liked talking much anyway. 
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In Den and Everyday Art ・ By Zincwolf
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