PA - Shear Rebellion - Le magic transformation

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The depths of the forest pressed close to Meeth as she travelled along a pathway, had she not been following it for while, she may of lost her way. Behind her a small dragon darted along, its long ringed tail weeping... and crashing into the overgrowth that guarded the path. At her look, Rathiel chirped sweetly, innocent eyes looking up at her as he used his wings to help balance himself.. his beak curved into a grin. Suddenly his attention shifted and he hissed, fur and feathers standing on end as two bright yellow eyes suddenly gleamed at them from the dark undergrowth. Meeth tensed, but fought her natural inclination to summon her sword... especially since she suspected this was who she was looking for. She stretched out her hand to Rathiel, soothing the hatchling by stroking his crest. 

"Lady Camille sent me this way." Meeth said by way of greeting, maybe the shear women hadn't quite said it in so many words when Meeth had raised the query of .. other magics. Rathiel ceased his hissing when his rider made no aggressive moves, instead his crest raised in curiosity. The yellow eyes blinked and a powerful cat like creature appeared appraising them it circled them before pacing slowly into the depths of the forest. Eventually the jungle opened up, to a small fire that luminated the small cabin nestled in and amongst the trees. The cat pointed a paw to one of the stumps next to the fire before vanishing. Rathiel darted forward to sit next to one and Meeth followed, sitting down though her gaze remained on where the beast had vanished. Rathiel sat still... for a minute before he rubbed his beak against another stump. "Hah... That stump has been a round for years.. it will take more than the beak of a dragon to wear it down..." A gritty voice sounded and a gnarled old man walked out, despite his age this movements were as fluid as the cat like creature he had been a few moments ago. "So.....what do you want from me?"

"Lady Camille spoke of your ability to teach transformation magic... though i have no such aptitude for any type magic." Meeth said. Stroking Rathiel's head as she did so, the youngster crooning. 

"Bah... let me guess, someone once told you, you have no magic skill" The old man barked but before Meeth could respond he continued. "Don't get me wrong, some are more adept at magic, but its like that sword you have hidden, you had to learn to use it.. magic is the same, even transformation magic." He leaned back closing his eyes for a moment. "Why trans formation magic though?" Curiosity laced his voice. Meeth froze and just stared at him.... before she glanced away awkwardly, a blush across her cheeks. "W-well.. you see..." She floundered, her dragon looked up at her and chirped, his own amusement completely transparent. "Bwah hah hah" The old man burst into laughter. "I should say that is not a reason to learn magic, but ah youth these days.You''ve made me laugh lassie so i'll teach you transformation magic.... aaand i have the perfect idea of what you should learn., i will say this do not try to learn to many forms, pick one.. or maybe two and master them and their quirks." 

The dark jungle provided a shelter as Meeth and her dragon listened, while Rathiel was not yet at the stage were he could use his own magic, he listened closely, curious and eager for his rider to shift. Meeth for her part spent much of the night focusing on the form, and taking in the knowledge that the elder gave her about the form. She had no idea why he'd picked a bat..... but true flight was something that she'd longed for....

Morning was starting to break by the time an exhausted Meeth changed shape successfully under her tutors gaze, becoming much much smaller. Rathiel who had been dozing at this point chirped as the small red bat clambered along the ground, a bright sword like makring on her back, all but glowing. Meeth took a few moments to get used to everything and the senses of the mammal. "Good. Rest for today, but be warned. never forget your original can be easy to lose yourself in the forms instincts and truly become it." The gnarled man stood slowly, before walking towards his home. Meeth clicked, getting used to the echo location as Rathiel came to her, using his wing to allow her to clamber onto him.....

PA - Shear Rebellion - Le magic transformation
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Shear Rebellion

Prompt #14 - Every culture has its own magic and gods. Depict your character mastering a magic outside of dragon magic.
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Terrain: Dark/Jungle
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Buffs: Rider Present (Dragon Knight), Trained Trainer, Mercenary dragon , Personal art,
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