A Worrying Weed Porblem

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A Worrying Weed Porblem
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While completing a task for his Commander, Ferdinand runs into a strange new face - one that seemed intent to hang around him with his even stranger dragon, and even help out with the strange flora problem he'd been sent to deal with.

The technicolour flowers had become an eyesore for the nearby military base, and as their lacky, the small engineer didn't have much of a choice. 

In the end, with the tall winged strangers help, they were both able to pull up and root out all the invading weeds and clear the area again. Ferdinand insisted on splitting the payment. 

Lux was all too happy to help for just a small glimpse of that adorable little face, though. 

Unlike Ferdinand, he did hope they'd meet again soon in the wilds. He was an interesting kid - as were his young dragons.


Adventurerjob Unlock for Luxuria and Ferdinand. Adventures for the others 

Submitted By Zincwolf
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