Reverie Jamboree & Jamboree Letter Bees

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The Reverie Jamboree is back! Nevermind that the name is slightly different. As with last Reverie Jamboree, you can use your Riders without their dragons beside them, as long as it meets one of the following prompts and follows regular activity rules. Collaborations are also allowed. Each prompt gives an AR roll of your choice that drops 4 items, no matter the dragon level, job, or prestige involved. Click here to turn in your event pieces. Pieces are due the last second of May 31st.

  1. Gathering flowers, making bouquets, and witnessing the flowers of the world spring to life in the final frost is a tradition for the ages. In the south, these flowers come early, making the activity especially popular. Show your characters enjoying some blooms!
  2. Romantic dates are a huge thing. This goes without saying. Whether you want to go to a shrine together, watch a meteor shower, share some fine dining, get married in a gathering, go to a ball, wander a library, or have your fortune read together, it's sure to match the spirit of the season.
  3. It's not all about romance. The relationships between friends can be more powerful than romantic attraction. Depict your character hanging out with their friends.
  4. Show your character seeking love consultation. This could be contacting a professional, offering something at the shrine of a love god, researching the topic, or anything in between.
  5. Crafting something special for your lover is far more important than fanciful things. Crafting love letters, poetry, illustrations, hand-made sweets, heartfelt trinkets, and the gifting of rare books are all romantic gestures at this time of year.
  6. Dreams at this time of year tend to depict the future--even for non-Oceans! While love is usually the focus of these dreams, dramatic events may also reveal themselves. Do they receive an omen, a blessing, or something completely nonsensical?

For completing your first prompt, you receive: x1 Lovebird, x1 Silver Ticket, x3 Semi-custom Coins.

Jamboree Letter Bees

You can also create a Love Letter this year. Depict your dragon courting one of the Emissaries to win a special prize. The higher your score, the better your prize! This part of the event can't be collaborated. Click here to turn in your event piece. Pieces are due the last second of May 31st. The dragon must have their Grand Courtship complete and belong to you. However, in the holiday spirit, same-sex pairs are allowed!

1-9 - Common egg, matching element(s) of emissary.
10-19 - Uncommon egg, matching element(s) of emissary. 1 random buff rolled
20-29 - Rare egg, matching element(s) of emissary. 2 random buffs rolled
30-39 - An egg with your dragon as Parent one and the Emissary as Parent two (magic is applied if possible). 3 random buffs rolled
40-50 - An egg with your dragon as Parent one and the Emissary as Parent two (magic is applied if possible). 4 random buffs rolled

Here are the potential buffs:

  • Random Mutation
  • Random Modifier
  • Random Display
  • Random Soulbound Familiar
  • Magic Boosted to tier 2
  • Magic Boosted to tier 4
  • Guaranteed Crossbreed*



So, how do you get a good score?

+1-20 - RNG roll (will be rolled on Discord)
+5 - Terrain Matches Emissary (Learn about Terrains here)
+5 - Compatible Elements (Learn about compatibility here)
+10 - Courtship Matches Emissary (Learn about Courtship Art here)
+10 - Exceptional Effort (Noticeably better than your usual art/writing)
+10 - Both art and writing included (each must meet activity requirements).

You may only do the Letter Bee prompt once, so think carefully about the pair you use!

*You may request guaranteed pure breed instead. If you do, keep in mind that the buff is still not guaranteed.


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