Festival Advent 2023

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The advent requires no art–just attendance! Once per 24 hours, you may make a Claim for a new prize. There are 31 prizes to be had and three months to do claims, so don’t worry if you're unable to grab one every day! There are all sorts of goodies in there to make every day special!

Week One - Memento, Calendar, Small Blessing, Large Adornments, Claws and Fangs, Kermode, Oven

Week Two - Coal, Diary, Weather Vane, Common Dragon Egg, Odd Egg, Soft Bed, Dragon Plush

Week Three - Uncommon Dragon Egg, Rock Collection, Opals, Fair Blessing, First Aid Kit, Frozen Egg, Yeti

Week Four - ?

Week Five - ?

MAKE A CLAIM HERE. Put ‘Festival Advent’ in the comment area. Optionally, you may include a cute emoji.

  • The Advent ends at the very last second of February, Baker Island Time Zone.
  • You receive the prizes in the same order you claim. In example, everyone gets the same prize on the first claim, even if they did not claim on the same day. Everyone who makes their fifth claim will receive the same prize, even if it's on a different day.
  • You may remove a 24 hour cooldown for 1 Silver Ticket, allowing you to skip ahead one day. Attach it to your claim and remember to click the checkbox before hitting Submit. You may do this as many times as you like.
  • Other than the above option, there is no way to get more than one advent prize in a 24 hour period. Please wait until 24 hours have passed before putting in a new claim.

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