Festival of the Day 2023

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Aurelia’s Hatchery is running out of space for new eggs. Given that they all have crazy magic going on, she wants to find them their homes as soon as possible! The last thing she needs are two dozen eggs hatching early and destroying her Hatchery. She’s sought the help of Riders the worlds over to find new homes for the eggs. Perhaps they will find their dragon here…or perhaps they can tell if someone else matches a dragon! This is a secret Santa event where players look for their dragon and find a dragon for others. Will you find who you’re looking for?

What is a secret santa?

For this secret santa, you make a custom dragon for someone. In return, you receive a custom dragon from someone else, along with a few other prizes! Who you get it from is a surprise, and the person you are assigned is also a surprise. Please keep your assignments a secret until January 1st. What you get is random, so only participate if you are open to any possibilities.


  • One pre-designed secret santa dragon with a few custom traits to make you smile~ It will have the Elemental Anomaly mutation. A random mutation (not including a second Elemental Anomaly) will be rolled publically on the Discord and applied to the critter as Recessive.
  • 1 Slot to an Emissary of your choosing (Any Element including unreleased Emissaries, list the element on entry)
  • 1 Legendary Egg +10 SC -OR- 1 Ultra-rare Egg + 15 SC

Use this Form to Join:

Desired Element (PICK ONE): (Any Element other than Day/Night. This element will exhibit Tier IV magic in the design.)
Favorite Display Trait: (Rare or below, matches element)
Favorite Modifier Trait: (Rare or below, matches element)
One Word Request: (Example: Cute! )
Phobias & Problem Colors: (optional. list any phobias and/or colors to avoid. please do not be super specific with colors.)
Desired Emissary Slot: (click here for a list of emissaries or simply list an element)

Click here for the page to comment on.

Designer Rules:

  • One element should match their preferred element. You can pick any other element for their second or choose to make it purebred.
  • Design them as if they have Tier IV magic of their preferred element. This year, elemental effects should show somehow on the dragon.
  • All physical traits should match their element(s).
  • Other than elemental magic, must follow regular semi custom rules.
  • Minimum Five Display/Mod Traits Combined
  • No Mutations.
  • No Charged Traits outside of preferred element
  • Do not include a background/the background should be transparent.
  • To finish your design, you must also have it approved. For design checks, submit the provided MYO ticket and you will receive replies there.


December 10th — If you commented here, you will receive your secret santa target!
January 30th — Designs are due! No extensions.
February 1st — All prizes will be given out!


Do I need to enter on the site?

Yes, you will need a site account so that you can use the MYO ticket there.

Can I include extra art/reference art for my secret santa?

Yes! Feel free to attach any art you like to your gift.

What Happens if I Can’t Finish My Design?

The person who made your Secret Santa gift will keep the design they made for you, and you will not receive one. Your recipient will have their gift drawn by a moderator. You will not receive the 10 SC reward, legendary egg reward, or Emissary slot reward. If you are unable to finish your design and you know ahead of the deadline, let us know so we can reassign your task to someone else. Your dragon will be returned to the giftee, who may choose to gift it to the community however they choose or keep the design.

I am having trouble designing. Can I have some help?

The mods are always happy to help! You can message us on Discord or directly message the Chronocompass deviantart group. There is an exception to the no-mod-DMs rule for Festival of the Day.

What Happens if I Don’t Like My Design?

If you would prefer to have the art in your style, you may redraw it. However, you cannot change the design that is given to you, and you cannot use the geno for anything else. When the dragon unlocks magic on its import, the original design should still be apparent through the magical additions. What you get is random, so only participate if you are open to any possibilities.

Can I Sell, Trade, or Gift my Secret Santa egg?

No. If you choose not to use it, it will simply go unused.

Can I Sell, Trade, or Gift my dragon after it’s uploaded?

Once the dragon is uploaded, you may sell or transfer it like normal. There is a one month cooldown on ownership, so if you upload it on February 2nd, you can sell it on March 2nd.

Will the dragons have lineage?

Yes, they will have lineage assigned upon upload.



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