Arrival of the Abrendese

United Era

NW green: Murciélagia. N Yellow: Inviernot . NE Orange: Halcyon. Central Blue: Shérok. SW Red: Riosilvano. SE violet: Aviara.


Roughly 500 years ago, Shérok was a major kingdom in a continent made of six different countries. The planet itself was simply referred to as Mother. The land was split like so:

They were not technologically advanced and most of them practiced nomadic lifestyles. Nonetheless, they all had mastery over different types of magic. According to them, their magic was derived from the planet itself. As members of the same solar system, they were also on close terms with Eredia.

When the Abrendese arrived, they were particularly interested in learning about magic and how to harness it for scientific purposes. Most of the countries kept their magic close to their countrymen. However, the Shéar were comfortable sharing what they knew.

The king had two sons, both dragon riders. When they initially gained their dragons, the eldest received a glittering silver wind dragon, while the youngest received a frail dark dragon with dull scales. When it seemed that the youngest would reject his dragon, the eldest formed a bond with it and allowed his own silver dragon to act as his brother’s. This was the first time that a bond had been transferred from one Rider to the next. This knowledge was kept within the confines of the royal family, since it reflected poorly on the young prince.

The king tested the skill of his two sons by putting them in charge of negotiations. They both provided shelter to the Abrendese, materials to build a city, and shared common magic knowledge with them. The eldest son was careful to establish laws and boundaries regarding research, while the youngest was carefree with information and overlooked transgressions.

When the Abrendese offered the young prince a life of luxury in exchange for his country, he took it eagerly. They initiated the coup by unleashing monstrous chimeras in the south, far away from the capital. The eldest brother took his followers to quell the strange beasts while the youngest stayed behind. He assassinated his own father, took the kingdom for his own, and then negotiated a transfer of powers with the Abrendese. A new currency was founded called Silvence, which bore the likeness of his dragon.

This obviously infuriated the Shéar. When the source of the chimeras became apparent, and their threat quelled, the eldest prince returned with a small army. By now, it was nothing compared to the strength of the Abrendese Militia. The militia quashed their resistance and began to take over the other kingdoms from their place of power.

What was now labeled as the Shéar Rebellion retreated to the southern deserts. The silver dragon, which had long tolerated the youngest prince out of respect for its true Rider, went with him. People from all kingdoms joined them and shared their magic with one another, even ones that were formerly restricted to leaders. They left behind charms and curses that rendered many areas uninhabitable to people without magic. It was said that the Mother–the planet which housed them–regarded them as the true owners of the land. This is why Irrit wanderers can always find water or places to hide in the sands.

As the Abrendese expanded, the planet came to be known as Shérok, and the other countries as ‘united’ provinces (or pradeshes). They began their research in earnest.