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D-080: Derelict Mountain Camp

Owned by foxdog2
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Kadel's den is located deep in the pine forests that cover an old mountain range. He prefers to keep to himself and chose to set up his home away from others but within the ruins of an old village or farmstead. The buildings here are mostly constructed of stone, with wooden roofs choked by moss and lichen. A small spring is located in front of the main building and the entire encampment is surrended by a tall stone wall. The entrance to this wall is large enough for Kadel's dragons; Calanthe and Willowwisp to perch atop and keep guard.
Within the camp, there are various buildings but most are kept empty or have fallen into disrepair, requiring new rooves to be constructed, floors to be laid or masonry to be patched. some have been taken over as nests for his dragons.

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