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Not everyone in the world becomes a Rider. In fact, very few do! The majority of people live out their lives working without the assistance of these beasts, just like the real world. Dragons are particularly choosy and will normally lay eggs only when a certain person is deemed worthy of becoming a dragon rider.

Any species may become a Dragon Rider

Any species may become a Dragon Rider.

Even then, the egg will choose whether its Rider is worthy. It isn’t uncommon for an egg to never hatch, either due to that worthy person never returning, or because the true personality of the Rider reared its head and no one else around was suitable. These abandoned eggs can hibernate for quite some time until they find someone that suits them. As for the bonding process? Well…

Bonding With a Dragon

A Rider will know when they are chosen by a dragon instinctively. They will be drawn to care for the egg. The full bond is created the moment a dragon hatches. A telepathic path is opened up between the two, allowing them to share all of their senses and communicate in an expedient manner. Their telepathic conversations are not perceived by anyone else. A Rider’s emotions create a particular magical aura that the dragon can absorb. This strengthens the dragon’s magic, which the Rider can use in turn. This has no perceptible effect on the Rider’s constitution.

That’s not to say there is no physical bond. With the constant connection between minds, their life is tied to one another. When one perishes, so will the other. When one gets sick, the other feels wretched. When one is injured, the other experiences the same pain. They share all of their senses.

To bond with a dragon is quite an honor, though the element of a Rider’s dragon will always lead to prejudice and misconceptions. A Rider will never 100% match the elemental traits of their dragon to a tee. An earth Rider might show a wonderful proclivity for work, but exhibit awfully bad physical strength. Learn more about what a dragon looks for in their Rider on individual element pages.

Elemental Specialties

A Rider may specialize in two different elements. They may only raise elements that match one of their own. Upon submission, your Rider should have one dragon assigned and at least one element assigned. You may add your second element immediately or after a Hatchery Quest, though it should still match the character. They may have an infinite number of dragons as long as one of their elements matches the rider’s specialty. In example, a Thunder/Storm Rider may raise all of the following:

  • Thunder
  • Storm
  • Thunder/Storm
  • Storm/Earth
  • Ocean/Thunder
  • Anything else with Thunder or Storm in it.

If you do your one-time Hatchery Quest, your Rider’s main element will be chosen for you, and you may select your second element freely. If you want to do the Hatchery Quest with a pre-existing Rider, that Rider should only have one element specialty so that if they get a different element, they’ll still be able to raise their Hatchery dragon.

Rider Races & Species

This game is currently set in the region of Eredia and Shérok, two neighboring planets that are easily navigated between through the Chronoscape. Inhabitants are mainly human, though plenty of Erré appear to be anthropomorphized animals, and odd creatures pop out of the Chronoscape every now and then.

At the same time, the Chronoscape is an endless place, and connected to many realms! You are free to use any species as your rider. Size difference must not be extreme, unless you do not intend for your character to actually ride your dragon. Despite their name, most Riders benefit most from the mental connection with their dragon, rather than their use as a ferrying animal. Quadrupedal Riders will obviously need special accommodations, such as customized saddles, in order to ride their dragon.

If you intend to use a race/species from another ARPG, you must only do so if that ARPG allows it. We can’t track whether this is the case. Ask the ARPG owner if you are in doubt. And, just by the way, feel free to bring your Dragons into other games with their Rider!


Need Help With Elements?

If you have a character but aren't sure what element of dragon they would get, you can start with a Hatchery Quest. Click 'show details' on this page to see more specifics on the Hatchery Quest. Your character will interact with dragons for the first time and the dragons will decide what egg to give them. This quest is four steps long. You don't need to submit this character to the group unless you are ready to hatch their egg.

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