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D-136: Secluded Forest Cabin

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The day had been warm so far, a bit of wind but other than that it was pretty okay weather. Good weather or not Gerbil shivered aggressively and let loose a sneeze that nearly made her step back a few steps. There was a wet noise as the dragon near the feline looked at her. “Bless you.” It was a dark dragon with patches of pink. Gerbil took a few steps back from all the eyes that had shifted to look at her an$ she didn’t say thank you but the dragon didn’t mind.

Gerbil had NOT gotten used to this dragon that had appeared and taken a liking to the sickly brown practically tailless cat. Gerbil didn’t hatch the dragon or choose the dragon, the dragon had just appeared and refused to leave and before she could change it they had formed a mental bond and were connected. The shiver turns straight into a shudder as she quickly turns away from the dragon, who had been named Seer.

This did not bother the eye-covered dragon, she had gotten this reaction a lot, after all she wasn’t the prettiest dragon but she thought she was okay. She was leading the feline rider, the poor sickly creature that she had been drawn to. All the eyes that had fallen onto Gerbil now went back to moving in all sorts of directions and the brown rider wondered if she could see out of every single eye that moved at what seemed to be random. “Hmm, all except the eyes you would deem normal.” Gerbil’s eyes widened as the dragon answered her silent question.

“Wh-where are we going?” Seer cocked her head to the side and hummed, “Someplace I think you’ll like.” Gerbil almost sighed at the vague answer, how did this dragon know what she may or may not like? In front of the feline and out of sight the dragon rolled its main blind eyes playfully, the cat will eventually learn what the mental bond between dragon and rider could or could not be.

Luckily there wasn’t much longer to go before arriving at the cutest, secluded cabin. It was…perfect. Absolutely perfect! No one was around, almost quiet with only bird song and the breeze to take up the lack of people talking. “Do not laugh…” the dragon started but she doubted the feline would, “but I used it myself, so you need not worry about someone coming home and finding us here.” Gerbil tilted her small head, “How did you get in?” The dragon tilted its own head and flexed their third pair of arms/legs, the fingers of her eerily human hands curling and uncurling. The cat almost shuddered but thought better of it. “This is nice, thank you.”

18 December 2023, 11:42:17 UTC

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Theme: Secluded Forest Cabin

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