R-02: Jaspar Sullivan

Owned by ccbestiary

Nickname: Sullivan, Gambit

Gender: Female

Reference: https://www.deviantart.com/the7eventhrider/art/Jaspar-Sullivan-739390058

Distant and aloof, she rarely stays in one place long enough to make friends. Her connections to the Naki are largely based on her reputation as a very clever hand with machinery and metal; she can find and salvage almost anything, especially for a good price. Taciturn and withdrawn, her past weighs heavily on her. Though she tries very hard to maintain a dispassionate air, she has a habit of picking up strays and rooting for underdogs. Capable of taking care of herself, but has self-destructive tendencies that manifest in quick willingness to take risks and drink to her successes (or her failures...any opportunity for a drink). Always on the move.