R-152: Ghede

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Name: Ghede
Nickname: Gatekeeper


High in the towering crags of a frigid mountain range is a small spring. It is difficult to find and difficult to describe; some say it changes to suit those who need it. Others tell of the strange figure who guards the waters, a snake-skinned sentinel who can wash away injuries and obliterate memory. What is true does not matter: what matters is that Ghede has roved the mountains and kept the secret of the springs.

An adept dragon healer, Ghede welcomes all those who stumble upon the springs, or who are carried there by Ghede and his dragons. Visitors are encouraged to stay until they recover from whatever ails them, but Ghede does not encourage them to linger. It is an in-between place, a stopping point on a journey, the midway between one point and the next. Ghede is a guide, a sign-post in the wilderness; they are a keeper of stories and histories. Ghede is keenly aware that time is short; plagued by a strange, chronic illness that causes shortness of breath and other respiratory trouble.

Born to a caravan of Peregrines, Ghede has long understood the intricacies of traveling the Chronoscape. Unfortunately, their family was slaughtered and they were kidnapped by Moondrifters. Their escape--or exile--has made them a subject of suspicion. Unable to return to the caravans, unwilling to worship the Moondrifter's God, Ghede was cast adrift. Once a traveler, always a traveler.


27 July 2021, 01:01:34 UTC

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