R-156: Kadel Sarka

Owned by foxdog2
Name:Kadel Sarka
Nickname: Kadel

focused - fast learner -callous - preserverence -ambitious - power-hungry - confident - manipulative - cranky - Tired of all the bs

kadel found himself in the chronosocape mysteriously, his memories of the past faded like a dream- but he knew what he did before his arrival and sought out like minded people. He might not agree with everything the Moondrifters do but they seem the closest match as far as his vague memories go. The dusty old man prides himself in being quick witted, focused and ambitious when in their midst but keeps his own agenda to himself. He's here to do what he can for himself to survive, even if that means getting in with some bad people. He views his misdeeds as a sort of necessary evil. Long live the strong right?

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