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Name: Izotz
Nickname: Iz, Izzy
 Izzy is a rather quiet guy who spends a lot of his time thinking over things or contemplating other things. When he is known to speak he is very straight forward and harsh with his words, not caring if his words come off as cold and hurtful. He more often then not will stay quiet and stroll off with a frown on his face, maybe debating a plan of action of maybe uninterested. He's very cold to strangers at times, partly due to his species (as they are often seen as lewd play things and that is not something he wants to be). He also can come off as hostile and very fighty, but it is usually all talk unless he's being provoked. He has a very soft side to him as well, usually seen when he's comfortable with someone.
He's best known as a highly dedicated and passioante healer, a traveling helper that goes far and wide to heal those in need with his magic. He occasionally travels with small groups of adventurous as their healer, but doesn't tend to stay longer term with them as he more enjoys that pleasant feelings and thank yous he gets from helping out the less fortunate. More so if it's a young child or something small and slightly helpless.
27 July 2021, 04:48:50 UTC

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