Profile R-284: Zephyr

Owned by Kid31

A proud and highly commanding T'terre, Zephyr can bend others to his will. His intimidating appearance is usually enough to get others to do his bidding, but he doesn't lack strength, neither physical nor mental, to deal with those who might resist. Regardless, he is usually willing to take matters into his own hands when others don't do as he expects, and is determined to see his plans through. Living outside the island where he was born, he's had to adapt to a very different lifestyle, and has since honed his speaking ability to the point of being able to work as a spokesperson for some very important people in the Chronoscape.

5 October 2022, 06:31:02 UTC

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STR 10 | DEF 5 | INT 10 | WILL 10 | DEX 15

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