Festival of the Night 2023

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Luna has returned from the Chronoscape, ready to give out their blessings once more!


They might spare a blessing or two to someone who provides enough silver. For whatever reason, silver tickets appear after a show of dedication or generosity, and there’s plenty of that to share in the holiday season! To enter, draw gift art of someone else’s dragon with one of the following themes (no dragon repeats). The Festival lasts until the end of February. If you complete the event, scroll down to learn about the victory lap!

    1. Ugly Sweater
    2. Sugar Plum Fairy
    3. Ice Skating
    4. Apple Cider
    5. Polar Bear
    6. Winter Trails
    7. Snow Globe
    8. Kindness
    9. Gävle Goat
    10. Mouse King
    11. Jingle Bell Rock
    12. Baking
    13. Winter Blues
    14. Ice Carving
    15. Winter Hymn
    16. Snow Angel
    17. Peanuts
    18. Snowed In
    19. Dog Sledding
    20. Peace
    21. Hippopotamus
    22. Stargazing
    23. Maple Syrup
    24. Snow Paint
    25. Winter Wonderland
    26. Mint
    27. Scrooge
    28. Frost Faire
    29. Wish
    30. Resolutions

Each prompt gives 1 Silver Ticket. Entries that meet normal activity requirements will get an additional Chronocompass. For each new person you gift, you will receive 3 SC. If you do not complete all of the prompts, you still keep the prizes earned along the way!

Click Here to Turn in Your Prompts

Fill out the following form in the notes area:




Attach ALL characters in the piece to this submission so we can check their gift art rules and give out EXP.


  • All prompts must be turned in before the deadline (the last second of winter/February). The prompt turn-in is timed and will close automatically.
  • Link to characters used in the description/comments of the art page AND on the prompt turn-in.
  • You may use tickets from past events to gain prizes. Tickets may not be traded, sold, or gifted.
  • Only the artist(s) of an image will receive the prizes.
  • Gifts must follow gift art rules. You can check dragons with open gift art HERE and open gift writing HERE.
  • Gifts must be of dragons; While including Riders is always lovely, they do not count towards prizes.
  • Art images must have a full body dragon, coloring, a background. Although simple backgrounds and chibi characters are allowed, the art should not appear rushed. Remember that these are gifts!
  • They should all be in separate files--no art sheets.
  • The artist(s) turning it in may include Search Tools and Familiar buffs for their own characters.
  • Written entries have a minimum of 300 words, plus 300 for each extra dragon character (extra Riders will not add to the minimum). The focus of the story should be the giftee's dragon. They should all be in separate sections--no collection all on one page. If the writing is over 600w, then the artist(s) may include Search Tools and Familiar buffs for their own characters.
  • Collaborations are allowed, but requirements are doubled (two guest dragons for art, double word count for writing). Additionally, the gift must be for a player that is not an artist of a piece.
  • You may only get the reward for a prompt once.
  • You may choose to depict different Emissaries instead of giving gift art, if desired.
  • All dragon elements receive 2 Event EXP in each event entry. If a dragon in the gift has access to a calendar, they get an additional +2 EXP. If a dragon has access to a Party Parrot, they get an additional +2 EXP. These bonuses stack if multiple are present.
  • You can’t receive any sort of compensation for a gift. It should not be part of an art payment, trade, entry for a giftee’s contest, or anything similar.
  • Art from the main event cannot be used for other types of rolls in Chronocompass, such as Adventures or Affiliation Quests.

Festival Victory Lap

Once you've completed the rest of the event, you can continue earning tickets by giving out gift art. For each piece of gift art, you will receive 1 Silver Ticket. Victory Lap gift art may be combined with activities, as long as the giftee dragon does not claim an activity.

Victory Lap Rules:

  • Only one ticket per player per image can be earned. Unlike the main event, collaborators may receive a Silver Ticket for depicting their partner's dragon--just make sure that dragon is not participating in another AR!
  • The same dragon may not be used more than once to gain a Silver Ticket.
  • To prevent accidental double dipping, please put a description of who is doing what in any art pieces that will have tickets claimed.
  • Illustration rules follow the same requirements as the main event unless a character is turning in an activity. In that case, the art cannot be simplified and should be your normal style with a full background.
  • Written requirements follow the same rules as the main event unless a character is turning in an activity. In that case, it is the base activity word count +300 words.
  • Only dragons that have their prompt labelled as Event will get the event bonus or Party Parrot perks.

You may spend any extra tickets at Apollo's Wares or use them in the Festival Advent.


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