This trait describes characters from the world of Shérok. They are not necessarily Shéar.

Shérok has one incredibly large land mass with a single treacherous ocean surrounding it. There are a few islands along its shoreline, with a few being large enough to warrant their own name, but it is altogether a single continent. The areas are loosely divided into kingdoms (sometimes referred to as Pradeshes). All inhabitants appear human except for some Naki. You may use any natural skin tone for them, even if they have an average skin tone listed for their particular race. Incredibly dense cities are spaced intermittently in the land, usually by rivers. These cities are surprisingly scarce.

The Shéar continent is a united country in the present state of the game:

However, it has a long history that split it into several different countries.
  • Northwest Green: Murciélagia was a hot, humid, and tropical area that used Obsidians as their main companions, rather than dragons.
  • North Yellow: Inviernot is a realm of expansive, chilly tundra. The most common companions are still Tombre.
  • Northeast Orange: Halcyon is full of low-altitude mountains, hills, and pine forests.
  • Central Light Blue: Central Shérok contains a large sea–most likely formed by a cataclysmic celestial event–along with an island at its center. This sea is usually covered in dense fog, with many hidden doors into aquatic areas of the Chronoscape. Its western area is the most populated area of the world, while its easternmost region is filled with enough dangerous fauna to make it uninhabitable. South central Shérok has a small desert where the Irrit live to this day.
  • Southwest Red: Riosilvano is infamous for its southern swamps and rainforests. The western areas are mostly deciduous forests and flood plains.
  • Southeast Violet: Aviara is full of winding canyons and plantless regions. It is occupied by cliff-dwelling fauna--mainly Gryphons and independent wind dragons. The northern islands have a large amount of natural resources that supports the rest of the country.
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Provinces: Murciélagia, Inviernot, Riosilvano, Aviara