Province inside Shérok
Murciélagia is a hot, humid, and tropical area that uses Obsidians as their main companions, rather than dragons.


Shown in the map as dark green in the northwest corner, Murciélagia is a hot, humid, and tropical area that uses Obsidians as their main companions, rather than dragons. The region is known for its bountiful plantlife and friendly inhabitants. It would be easy to mistake it for paradise...if it wasn't filled with giant arthropods. The plantlife is host to massive reserves of magic, allowing arthropods to feast and grow larger than anywhere else in the world. They have taken the niches of mammals, dragons, birds, and even fish in the area. Most creatures are also hostile, and unexpected roaming colonies can spell the end for unprepared villages.

Giant ants are a particular problem. They travel quickly through the woods in search of food, eating anything colorful in their path. The domestication of Obsidians--large, furry moth-like creatures--was essential for inhabitants to fly out of reach whenever they heard the hum of an approaching army. The plants are quick to regenerate their fruit, but resources are limited for a few days following this 'invasion.' Another significant danger is the deceptively-named Serpent. This is a large type of centipede that actively hunts at night. Any and all homes must be kept sealed at night, since they can easily find their way into the smallest cracks--even the spaces under doors. Lastly, the Hunters are the biggest danger, and very few live to speak of them. These giant dragonflies have a near-100% hunting success rate, and humans are just the right size for them to chase after. Even the smallest sign of a Hunter will cause the people to rally and go on a hunt of their own.

There are several other inhabitants that serve as allies to the humans that live here. The Divers are large bee-like creatures that offer sweets in exchange for access to orchards planted by the Murciéns. They are less intelligent than humans, but still smart enough to understand basic trades. Palmettos, on the other hand, are highly intelligent. These roach-like creatures form family nests that can span many generations. They communicate by chirping in pitches difficult for humans to hear. When interacting with humans, they will lower their voice and do their best to speak the few words they can pronounce. Strangers to the land find Palmettos the most terrifying of all, despite their friendly nature.

Murciéns do not practice magic on their own, but do use enchanted materials from arthropods of the lands to live luxurious lives. Not only does Obsidian silk provide an amazing weaving material, but it provides protection from unwanted pests. While expensive, creating a line of silk around a village will keep out armies and hostile colonies. The scales from deceased Obsidians can be used as a dye and medium for enchantments. The honey produced by the Divers can treat all sorts of maladies. Despite the many dangers, the people here live a peaceful and prosperous life alongside their many-segmented allies.