Province inside Shérok
Inviernot is a realm of expansive, chilly tundra. The most common companions are still Tombre.



Show as central-northern yellow on the map. Inviernot is a realm of expansive, chilly tundra. The region itself is sparsely populated due to the inhospitable environment. Most structures are build underground, where permafrost keeps them insulated year-round, but a few larger buildings dot the land to host challenges. Winds are intense, forests are few, and ice is plentiful across the lands. This is what makes it perfect for several rebellion outposts--as long as the doors to the Chronoscape are closely guarded, it's impossible to sneak around the province. Several activities deemed illegal elsewhere also find their home here. Challenges with deadly outcomes, colosseums, battles, tournaments, races, and competitions of all sort take place here unrestricted. It's easy to get rich, so long as you're strong and lucky. They will take rebellion tokens, old Shéar coins, Erré dollars, and their own unique currency in addition to regular silvence when trading. The adamantly refuse militia coins and the digital currency of the Naki Alliance.

The most common companions are Tombre, even in present day, when dragons are more plentiful. The Inviernots approach wild Tombre and earn their trust, rather than breeding them and raising them like many other provinces do with their companions. The Tombre of this region are mountain and arctic variety (the latter of which is sometimes called the 'standard' species). Strength and fighting prowess is highly prized among the Inviernots. A few famed fighters can even go up against advanced technology with their bare hands and come out as winners.