Province (Provinces)

Regions of Shérok. All were once countries in their own right.
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Murciélagia (part of Shérok)

Inviernot (part of Shérok)

Casa Escondida

Riosilvano (part of Shérok)

Aviara (part of Shérok)

When the Abrendese arrived on Shérok (which had its own name in each province), they made an agreement with the Shéar to help conquer the other regions and make the kingdom the biggest source of power on the planet. Since the planet is relatively small, and since Shérok was host to powerful battle magic and now powerful technology, it was easy to conquer all the countries and move them under one banner. No other provinces allied with the Abrendese, though it's worth noting that Shérok itself was initially resistant to the idea, and plays a part in the rebellion to reinstate the rightful heir to the throne. All provinces retain their original names, though they refer to themselves as Shéar more often than their provincial identity.