R-04: Markus

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Nickname: Doctor Lind

Gender: Male

Markus Lind is a professor at Illyte University, located in Illyte Seaside on Andoltia. There he instructs students on courses in magical biology. Together they research the effects of essence and other forms of magic on Andoltia and other worlds connected through both the Chronoscape and Mukios's comet.

Outside of his work (which is not very often, as he's always busy), Markus is somewhat shy and reserved. He prefers to have quiet in his daily life and live stress-free. His friends, however, tend to get a kick out of dragging him to various parties, and he entertains them. It doesn't help that his friends forget he's blind and let him get lost in the claustrophobic crowds.

Speaking of being blind, he often refuses to ask for help and in most cases barely needs it. The only time he really requires it is when he needs his assistant to grade written papers for him and other visual things. This assistant is barely around Markus, at his request. Other than that, there's not much of a difference between his life and anybody else's. He gets his groceries delivered, he walks to his job twice a week, he tends to work in the dark. He doesn't have much going for him otherwise. He's a generally sort of bland guy, but at least people like him for his straight-forward-ness.

9 April 2021, 18:26:53 UTC

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