Erré - Other

Category: Race
Species: Rider

This is a member of the Erré race without a specific affinity. You can learn more about Eredia here.


Category: Race
Species: Rider

This is a catch-all group for races and species outside of the setting or undescribed in other areas. It can include other ARPG or closed species, so long as the owner of that species has given permission. Just a few examples are below:

  • Angels, demons, or species in-between
  • Humans from another world
  • Giant plant people
  • Sentient objects
  • Talking bugs
  • Slimes

Other Art Group

Category: Race
Species: Rider

These are open species, closed species, and other ARPG group critters that have entered the game as Riders! Permission was received from the associated species owners/group moderators before entering them into the game. These species remain 100% within the domain of their original creators. The parenthesis shows what species they are. The imports or masterlist pages for these characters are located in the notes section of the character profile.

If you would like to use another ARPG character as a Rider in Chronocompass, we require:

  1. Proof that this is allowed in screenshot form.
  2. A link to the masterlist entry for the character, so the correct group can be credited.
  3. Familiarity with the rules of both groups--don't break the rules of either when using your Rider! Two common rules that come up are:
    • Most groups do not allow import images to be used outside of their corresponding group. For these, you will need to make your own art to use on the Chronocompass import image, OR you may use gemstones on a background without an image of your Rider at all.
    • The world of 'double activity rolls' is very iffy when a character is being used in two different ARPGs. While this situation isn't written outright, it's frowned upon and we highly discourage doing this! In example, if a Rider is doing a hunt in the other group, the image should be redeemed as No Prompt in Chronocompass.
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