R-066: Magda

Owned by ccbestiary
Name: Magda
Nickname: Old Mag, Mama Mags
Like most Bestia, Magda is capable of transforming into a human. She rarely does so, however, and rarely seeks out the company of folks who look human. Rumor has it that a human hurt her once (though it's difficult to imagine someone hurting tough Ol' Mags). Now she occupies a shack in the heart of the desert, and while she'll go out of her way to help the downtrodden animals and dragons, she always has a moment of hesitation when it comes to humans. No one knows the region better than Magda, and she has an uncanny grasp of flora and fauna that borders on encyclopedic. It's rare that she reveals her own motivations, but she's been around so long that most consider her an anchor of the barren scablands, a spirit almost as old as the mesas. She's survived many things, and whatever the winds throw her way next, she'll likely survive that too. Superstitious, wary, and undeniably clever.


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