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  • Patient
  • Compassionate
Name: Miyu'kir
Nickname: Miyu
Patient l Evasive l Adaptable l Compassionate l Insecure
Miyu is a 'runt' of her species, been smaller than other others her age; though it did make her highly adaptable to many situations it also left her with a feeling of insecurity, and is potentially one of the reasons why she does not live in a pod; despite her insecurities, or because of them, Miyu is very compassionate with others, and will do everything she can to help as best she can given the situation, no matter how long it takes. Miyu can occasionally come across as evasive, mainly related to things about her species, or things that have happened to her in the past; she'll either ignore the question... or swim into deeper waters.
As Miyu is not part of an active pod, she doesn't show some of her species known personality quirks; these have little bearing on who Miyu is and isn't something she thinks about, as those are instinictive habits/personalities.
26 July 2021, 06:29:54 UTC

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