R-093: Kaynen Lerol

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Name: Kaynen Lerol
Nickname: Kane
About as free spirited as they come, Kane is a social creature that enjoys traveling far and wide to meet all sorts of people. Though his innate magic might only work its best in the deserts of Sherok, it doesn't stop him from traveling to other areas.
Knowing what it's like to come from the bottom of the barrel, he may have had the luxary of putting his thieving ways behind him, but that doesn't mean he won't point the other way if someone asks where another thief went. He's got a soft spot for children, though he'd step up for anyone in trouble or offer what aid he can. It's not in his nature to leave someone alone who looks downhearted, so plenty would call him meddlesome. Ubeat and friendly, his positive and playful attitude tend to keep him on the good side of most people however so to him it's worth the trouble he sometimes finds himself in because of his meddling.
26 July 2021, 06:41:45 UTC

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