R-172: Isa

Owned by Returu
Image #562

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  • Easily Startled
  • Naive
  • Forgiving
  • Nya

Name: Isa
Nickname: Nya, Nyorb, Nyari

Isa loves to go on adventures, it adores delving into ruins, caves… and well… even into that glade around right outside it’s den; highly intuitive it rarely takes things as they initially seem. Sadly the little critter is easily startled and quite often rolls off. It’s tail is only partially present in this plane of existence and can be found sticking through things. Isa can often be found brooding, …. literally anywhere the ears twitching is it thinks on things. It’s very forgiving of others, and cannot hold a grudge which is just as well as it quite often gets mistaken for a blob monster (it is but it’s so much more) and so gets attacked fairly often. They are capable of speaking out loud, but will always finish a sentance with ‘Nya’.


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STR 5 | DEF 15 | INT 10 | WILL 15 | DEX 5

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