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  • Charismatic
  • Knowledge-seeker
Name: Yua
Nickname: n/a
With Yua being a incubus, of course being charismatic is just part of the deal. Knowing what perfect sweet words to pur out or soft whispers to entice someone with, he takes pride in his ability to charm people. Being attractive was just another given, but one that Yua uses to his full advantage as he walks around shirtless or wiggles those fingers at those longing looks he can't deny when single and ready to mingle. Over dramatic at times (and played up for occasions), he does try to make his life as interesting as possible to keep the boredom away. Often moving from task to task to solve that issue but never tires of trying to find love. 
Outside his flirtatious ways he's a smart man, always out to seek new knowledge to store away in his brain or help spark his imagination when he creates food or needs new date ideas. He's also extremely kind and selfless, always willing to help if he can and is known to be over generous when he knows it can brighten someones day or get someone out of a sticky situation. With that touch or sarcasm that leaks out at a moments notice, he's a flirty ball just out to help others while also find his one true love. Maybe a bit strange but it works for him. 
27 July 2021, 13:26:19 UTC

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