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Purebred thunder dragons are sickly creatures that die without the intervention of their Rider or some serious planning. They have smooth skin with no scales, feathers, or hair. They are typically wingless, though this can be changed by their rider. When they are born, they select incredibly intelligent individuals that are capable of building golems or mechanical contraptions for them to inhabitant. This new body helps them survive. If there is a multitude of qualified individuals, they will choose the most charitable one. Thunder dragons grow to be incredibly long, so their artificial parts will have to be adjusted over time. The form of their final body obviously varies from dragon to dragon, and their Riders may even choose to adjust their parts based on their current needs--racing, hunting, hauling, and so on.

Free Trait: Whiskers
Default Physical Traits:


Stereotypically, they are full of themselves and conceited. They are more likely to treat their Rider as a personal servant than a partner. Thunder dragons are considered untamable and only protect or help their Rider if it is necessary for their survival. They do treat their Riders with more respect than any other creature, but that isn’t saying much. This does not apply to all thunder dragons, but it's prevalent enough that new Riders are given some helpful tips on reining in their ego. They select kind, caring, and selfless Riders, so it's all the more crucial that these Riders prepare themselves and adapt quickly. The initial construction of a body is often full of mistakes, and this event usually sets the dynamic of their future. Riders may adopt an aloof or superior attitude towards others and are prone to sarcasm. On the other hand, it is possible for thunder dragons to gain the empathetic qualities of their Rider and acknowledge the existence of other creatures. Thunder dragons are ridiculously intelligent and capable of complex magics or advanced engineering, which they can pass on to their Rider to ensure they get the best treatment possible.

Preferred Rider Attributes:

  • Intelligent
  • Kind
  • Selfless
  • Generous
  • Introverted
  • Caring
  • Knowledge-Seeker
  • Sarcastic
  • Naive
  • Tinkerer
  • Imaginative
  • Magician
  • Meek
  • Eccentric
  • Anxious
  • Self-deprecating

Thunder MAGIC

Thunder dragons are incredibly good at detecting their opponent’s health and magical potential. They can notice their opponent’s abilities quite quickly, analyze it, and then create their best attempt at a copy. Being weak creatures by nature, they use body substitutes, powerful electric shields, and incredibly quick movement to get out of trouble. They can travel through the electrical currents of wires, though they will need to leave their artificial bodies behind to do so. They can inhabit multiple bodies if their Rider provides it for them, as long as they are connected with a wire somehow. While not on par with the spectacles of Light dragons, they can create crude holographs to portray images.

They are capable of reading the memories of artificial objects and communicating with all sorts of magical constructs and machines. They can even possess machines with enough processing power to handle them. As they grow stronger, they unlock an eidetic memory that allows their Riders to construct an ideal form for them. Oh, and of course, they can shoot out lightning bolts and powerful bursts of plasma magic--what sort of thunder dragon would they be without that sort of skill?

Magic Physiology

On top of the general Tier IV magic effects, your dragon can have these traits. This is only available to dragons with Tier IV Thunder magic or Elemental Anomaly. Feel free to get creative and use things outside of this list.

  • Disassembly
  • Glitch
  • Coils
  • Display
  • Electricity coming from the dragon
  • Auroras floating around it


Their most common scale colors are yellow, electric blue, neon green, or any other natural lightning/aurora color. They will occasionally have a pallid or sickly complexion, which desaturates their colors a bit. Gray and black may also appear.

Thunder dragons often have artificial parts covering their base colors. If this is the case for your dragon, then refer to the artificial trait page to find some more colors you can use! Otherwise, click here to view the full Thunder palette:


  • Jungle - Jungles are one of the few dragons that can think as quickly as Thunders. While Thunders are clearly superior when it comes to knowledge, they can at least hold a conversation without downgrading their vocabulary and concepts. Jungle dragons are also small creatures that can use their tiny feet to help Thunders tinker with smaller machinations. Their flowers make lovely decorations for the Cottagecore Thunders.
  • Earth - Earth dragons are dumb and, with enough rocks, can be convinced to do some heavy lifting for frail Thunders. They are bringers of jewels–perfect for any artificial enhancements. Any sort of rude quips from Thunders go right over their heads, so they make a good wall for Thunder ranting. Additionally, Earths make good magic guinea pigs, what with many having a conductive layer of filth on their skin.
  • Dark - Dark dragons exist outside of the corporeal realm and can shapeshift into any form they desire. While not universal, Thunders do have to put up with a lot of physical disadvantages, and many find themselves jealous of the dragons that ‘made the cut’ and got to enjoy a life without ‘the burden of pain’ (according to them). The feeling is mutual, albeit for different reasons.

Thunder Display and Modifier Traits

The following traits are founded in the Thunder element, and thus have a better chance of passing to offspring.

Echo | Glass | Runemarks | Aurora | Sparks | Checkered | Fractal | Stamp

Electric | Disassembly | Glitch | Coils | Halo | Display | Whiskers


They are equally compatible with these Jungle and Earth traits:

Fairy | Leafy | Rosettes | False Eyes | Chameleon | Foliage | Dart Frog | Rattlesnake
Swarm | Dazzle | Insectified | Floral Parasite | Frog Throat | Antennae | Miniature
Wild | Crackle | Sandstone | Skunk | Tobiano | Brindle | Fawn Spots | Underbelly
Jeweled | Brawn | Neckfrill | Fanged | Protofeathers | Club Tail | Maned


However, they are incompatible with Dark Traits, and the following traits have a reduced pass rate. Thunder semi-customs and Thunder SC cross breeds have the rarity of these traits increased by two:

Veil | Nebula | Stitched | Starry | Wisp | Comet | Dust | Sooty
Celestial | Companion | Multi-limbed | Transparent Skin | True Sight | Wither | Tattered
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