R-205: Astarote Lochesh

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  • Vengeful
  • Critical

Name:Astarote Lochesh
Nickname:Ast, Astarote

Honourable | Intelligent | Strong | Generous | Determined | Humble
Sarcastic | Vengeful | Anxious | Critical | Strict | Exacting Born and raised a warrior few would deny Astarote is an honourable and patient man, he’s known as a father to his men, though he takes no quarter when it is time to work or train. At other times he is happy to joke and cajole those around him, always willing to lend a hand or an ear to those in need. He’s best known for being the quiet presence in a room, listening to all sides and all parties before he speaks and trying to keep everyone around him happy. He values strategy and thought as much as skill with a weapon, and takes the effort to learn all he can about the people and things he encounters. Putting the things he learns to use both in daily life and on the battlefield.
An old soul Astarote has learned its better to get by with kindness and a smile than fist and fang when possible, some would laugh learning he is a warrior given his time is most often spent convincing those around him to avoid such but he has simply seen enough battlefields for multiple lives now, and would prefer avoiding needless bloodshed. It would be foolish, however, to assume this makes him any less a warrior. When he does draw a weapon it is with full intent of using the same, and using it to deadly effect; there is no mercy when the soldier goes to battle and when the flip is switched the usual humor and sarcasm die into a fury so cold it’s become legend on his homeworld – though none know the true face to the events.
Counterpoint to the resourceful leader he portrays, the warrior suffers the paranoia and traumas of both the field and capture in war. In public you will never see his eyes close, always scanning and alert and he is more critical of himself than any of his men will ever experience. If one assumes the exacting standards he holds his apprentices to are hard it is nothing compared to his own, with even the slightest slips requiring he begin anew and do better. This mindset permeates everything he does, good never good enough, and has bred both unsusual strength and determination in him hardened in the forge of the desert. He is a man who has survived more than most, and who seeks acceptance from his present to counter the past. Always willing to go the extra mile, or to throw himself into the fray when needed.

Reference Sheet: Astarote Tracker


27 July 2021, 17:37:52 UTC

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