Profile R-215: Gerold

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  • Charming
  • Hard-worker

Name: Gerold
Nickname: Old Man, Angel, Honey Bun


Gerold is a very calm and collective guy, often found enjoying the world and has to offer and rarely stresses about anything. He comes off as gentle but very much someone to run you into the ground until you learn the ways. He often tries to use his charm to work things out, a few well placed words that may be a little flirty, trying to manipulate people to do what he wants them to do and take the easy way through things. Being an angel, he very much also uses his almost calming presence and beauty to his adtage, sometimes putting in the first strike in battles before his opponent realizes he’s more then good looks.Even if he seems very chill and laid back, he is very much a hard worker that will drive himself until exhausted. He becomes focused on things and won’t let them go until he finishes, leaving himself often tired. He one day craves a more simple life, but that is not now.
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27 July 2021, 18:56:53 UTC

Cannot be gifted
Cannot be traded
Cannot be sold
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