R-281: Cheveska

Owned by Skiie-Shard

He is a curious lad who has been through a lot in his early years. Having followed a dragon into the chronoscape as a small pip, quickly learned about his surroundings from the caravan that had adopted him. Utilizing his cleverness to help the caravan and is a keen listener. Soaking in everything he hears and putting it to memory. No matter how far-fetched the story, he can learn from it. Despite this, he is usually by himself, quietly contemplating things and occasionally star/cloud gazing. One of his favored pass times is playing games that test his mental capabilities, as well as wood carving and weaving of many kinds including silk weaving. However, there is something concerning about him as he has an odd attraction to the Chronoscape and somehow feels at home there, especially in the wooded areas. It doesn't help that he sometimes has dreams not only of the home he lost but of the Chronoscape that has something there... calling for him.

22 August 2022, 17:16:48 UTC

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STR 0 | DEF 10 | INT 15 | WILL 15 | DEX 10

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