The Proposal

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It was not something ether rider had planned, it just seemed to develop naturally, amidst the cats teasing, and the Enurian's aloofness, they became closer, until they just were, and it was accepted by the dragons they commanded. Still, it wasn't enough, and on one sunny day amidst the wildflowers as the pair were frolicking, that Meiron 'proposed.'... well one can imagine Meeth's shock.. and happiness... and how she managed to maintain that form, she still doesn't know.

The Proposal
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In Displays, Courtships, and Bondings ・ By Returu

Terrain: Light

First part of the second bond for Meeth and Meiron, featiring both in their alternative forms

Prompt 1 Link: Chronocompass - Gallery :: The Proposal
Prompt 2 Link: Chronocompass - Gallery :: Approval of the Dragons
Prompt 3 Link: Chronocompass - Gallery :: Bonding Ceromony

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